The busy week continues for the CHL.

Cross country complete league results are now posted.  Also the cross country all league.  Girls' tennis & volleyball all league will be posted over the weekend. The other sports will be posted as soon as we receive the results from their post season meetings.

Seven girls' tennis players are at the state championships Friday & Saturday.  Five are from Indian Hill and two from Wyoming.  Three doubles teams are part of the 16 statewide in Division II.  The tourney is in Mason at the Lindner Family Tennis Center, the site of the ATP tournament.

Volleyball winners so far are Deer Park, Madeira, Reading, Taylor, & Wyoming.  Indian Hill plays their 1st match tonight. Mariemont will play their 1st match on Saturday.  All the other will 2nd round matches will be played on Saturday.

Seven boys' soccer teams will play games on Thursday.  The only team not in is Deer Park.  The Wildcats loss in 4 overtimes to Georgetown.

In girls' soccer, Deer Park, Finneytown, Indian Hill, Madeira, Mariemont, Taylor, & Wyoming all play 2nd round games on Saturday.  All seven had 1st round byes.

Football is in week 9.  The top 8 teams in each region make the playoffs.  Three are still in the top 8 and two are just outside.  In Division IV Region 16, Wyoming is #1 & Indian Hill #2.  In Division V Region 20, Madeira is #5.  Mariemont is 10th in D5 and Deer Park is 9th in D6.

Cross country Districts will be this Saturday at Voice of America Park in West Chester.  League teams will be in various Division II & Division III races. Here is the schedule for our league teams:
Division II
Race 1 12:30  Top 3 teams and 12 individuals qualify for the regional meet.
Wyoming, Indian Hill, Taylor
Race 2 1:00  Top 2 teams and 8 individuals qualify for the regional meet.
Mariemont, Reading
Division III 2:30  Top 4 teams and 16 individuals qualify for the regional meet.
Finneytown , Madeira

Division II
Race 1 1:30  Top 3 teams and 12 individuals qualify for the regional meet
Madeira, Wyoming, Finneytown, Reading
Race 2 2:00  Top 3 teams and 12 individuals qualify for the regional meet.
Indian Hill, Mariemont, Taylor

The regional meet will be in Troy on Saturday, October 27.
Note - Deer Park will not have teams at the district meet.

Five league teams have advanced to the sectional finals.  All games will be on Monday and start at 7:00.

Division II
Cincinnati 1 Sectional
Number 2 Indian Hill shut out New Richmond 3-0.  The Braves will meet #6 McNicholas at Kings High School.  Taylor, #8 seed, lost to McNicholas 3-0.
Cincinnati 2 Sectional
Number 1 Wyoming shut out Ross 5-0.  The Cowboys will take on #3 Summit Country Day at Milford High School.

Division III
Cincinnati 1 Sectional

Number 6 Finneytown beat Williamsburg 7-0.  The Wildcats  will meet #1 seed Seven Hills at Norwood Stadium. 
Cincinnati 2 Sectional
Mariemont, #4 seed, beat Purcell Marian 6-0. The Warriors will meet #2 seed Cincinnati Country Day at Winton Woods High School. 
Cincinnati 3 Sectional
Number 3 Madeira shut out Fayetteville Perry 10-0.  The Mustangs will take on #7 Cincinnati Christian at Mariemont High School.  Number 8 Reading lost to Cincinnati Christian 4-3 in overtime.

The volleyball sectionals are being played this week.  Division II will be at Wyoming High School.  Division III will be at Blanchester and Mariemont High Schools.

Division II
Wyoming Sectional 2
Number 7 Taylor beat New Richmond in 3 games.  The Yellowjackets will take on #5 Summit Country Day Saturday at 2:00.  Wyoming, #2 seed, beat Northwest in 3 games.  The Cowboys will take on #9 Bethel-Tate on Saturday at 3:30.  Mariemont, #8 seed, will meet #6 Goshen Saturday at 12:30.
Wyoming  Sectional 3

Number 4 Indian Hill will meet #15 Woodward Thursday at 6:00.

Division III
Blanchester Sectional 1
Number 9 Reading beat North College Hill in 3 games. The Blue Devils will take on #3 Seven Hills Saturday at 11:00.  Madeira, #6 seed, beat Clermont Northeastern in 3 games. The Amazons will take on #4 Waynesville Saturday at 12:30.
Blanchester Sectional 2
Finneytown, #13 seed, lost to #11 St. Bernard in 5 games.
Mariemont Sectional
Number 12 Deer Park beat Gamble Montessori in 3 games.  The Wildcats will meet #17 Felicity Franklin on Saturday at 4;00.

The girls' soccer sectionals take place this week.  The first two rounds, games will be played at the higher seed home field.  All games will start at 7:00 unless otherwise noted.

Division II
Cincinnati 1 Sectional
Number 3 seed Wyoming has a 1st round bye.  They will host  #4 Badin on Saturday.  Mariemont, #5 seed, also has a 1st round bye.  They will host #9 Batavia on Saturday. 
Cincinnati 2 Sectional
Number 11 Taylor has a 1st round bye.  They will be at #2 Summit Country Day Saturday.
Cincinnati 3 Sectional
Number 1 Indian Hill will have a 1st round bye.  They will host #10 Williamsburg on Saturday.

Division III
Cincinnati 1 Sectional
Number 9 Reading lost to #4 Georgetown 3-0.
Cincinnati 2 Sectional
Finneytown, #8 seed, will host #15 Felicity Franklin on Saturday.
Cincinnati 3 Sectional
Number 2 Madeira has a 1st round bye.  They will host #12 Carlisle on Saturday.  Deer Park, #5 seed, will have a home game with #6 Clermont Northeastern on Saturday.

Golf season is complete.  Tennis is at the state meet.  Cross Country, soccer, & volleyball will star post season this week.Football has two more regular season weeks.  Stat leaders will be listed until the sport goes into post season.  Complete stats can be found under each sport's link. Check Twitter for current info.
Red means league championship decided.

Story Complete


Wyoming is 5-0 in the league & 8-0 overall.  The Cowboys have won 29 regular season games in a row, the longest current streak in Ohio.  Indian Hill is also 5-0 in league play and the Braves are 7-1 overall.

Our SID Game of the Week turned out to be a good one.  Madeira & Deer Park battled back and forth before the Mustangs pulled it out on late 22 yard field goal by Ryan Lienhart for a 31-28 win.  Madeira QB Tyler Richmond was 11 for 21 for 237 yards and 3 TD passes.  Two were to Lee Megois for 15 & 64 yards.  The other was to Ryan Hamm for 37 yards.  Richmond also scored on 6 yard run.  Besides his field goal, Lienhart was 4 for 4 in PAT kicks. Unfortunately, we do not have Deer Park stats.

Wyoming had another easy win, 53-7 over Reading.  Cowboy QB Evan Prater had 1 TD pass and two TD runs.  His pass was to Joey Edmonds for 10 yards.  His scoring runs were 1 & 15 yards.  Pierson Rogers had 186 yards rushing and touchdown runs of 1,1, & 16 yards.  Brennan Pagen had a 43 yard score.  Tyler Mcllvain had a 30 yard interception return for a touchdown.  Reading's touchdown came on a Gabe VanSkaik 3 yard fumble recovery.  When a team gets a 30 point lead, it is a running clock in the 2nd half.  This is the 5th game in a row that Wyoming has had the running clock.

This is third game in row that Indian Hill has had a running clock.  The Braves down Finneytown 55-7.  Indian Hill's two headed running attack of Dimetrious Baylor & John Mark Williams combined for 247 yards & 5 touchdowns.  Baylor had scoring runs of 67, 2, & 38 yards.  Williams scored on runs of 2 & 61 yards.  Cole Dein had a TD pass to Jalen Thornton for 23 yards.  Charlie Sumeral had a 8 yard scoring run.  Trey Lopez had an 80 yard punt return.  Luke Lundberg had a 24 yard field goal and 6 PAT kicks. We have no stats for Finneytown.

Mariemont came back from losses the last two weeks to beat Taylor 40-7.  Warrior QB Wally Renie had a season high 5 touchdown passes.  Four were to Charlie Cowart for 8, 42, 10, & 5 yards.  Braden Bortz caught a 38 yard TD pass.  Sebastian Kreidler had a 2 yard scoring run.  Taylor's TD was a Tyler Emery to Jared Walpole for 74 yards.

Stat Leaders: 
Quarterback - Wally Renee (Mariemont) 1393 yards 14 TD passes, Tyler Richmond (Madeira) 1375 yards 9 TD passes, Evan Prater (Wyoming) 1216 yards 15 TD passes, Cole Dein (Indian Hill) 12 TD passes, Cole Baker (Reading) 11 TD passes
Rushing - Dimetrious Baylor (Indian Hill) 1130 yards
Receiving - Yards  Charlie Cowart (Mariemont) 923 yards   Receptions  Cowart 42
Scoring - Baylor 126 points , Prater 104 points
Kicking - Luke Lundberg (Indian Hill) 40-43 PAT, 8-9 Field Goals,  64 points
Sacks - Terry Mounce (Taylor) 8.5 Jalen Thornton (Indian Hill) 8.5
Interceptions - Lee Megois (Madeira) 8
Fumble Recovered - Cowart 4

The most evenly matched game this week is Reading at Taylor.  Both teams have struggled this season and a win would be big for either team.  Taylor will have an edge with it being Senior Night.  Deer Park will be at Indian Hill, Finneytown at Madeira, & Mariemont at Wyoming.  I know coaches don't look head in the schedule, but SIDs can. If Indian Hill & Wyoming get by this week with wins, next week will be the game of the year for the CHL with Wyoming at Indian Hill.

Wyoming is 14-0 in the league & 18-4 overall. The Cowboys have won 126 straight league matches and their 9th straight league title.  Indian Hill is 16-5 overall & Taylor 15-7.
Some Results From The Past Week...
Wyoming over Indian Hill in 3 games, Reading over Hamilton in 3 games, Wyoming over Oak Hills in 3 games

Stat Leaders:
Kills - Sami Weis (Wyoming) 305
Digs - Erin Androne (Reading) 449
Assists _ Ines Gram (Wyoming) 773
Blocks - Clarie Carmichael (Wyoming) 75, Hunter Fry (Indian Hill) 74
Serving Aces - Haley Henry (Indian Hill) 72

Sectional play starts this week.  See story.

Wyoming are league champs.  The Cowboys are 6-0-1 in league play & 14-0-2 overall. It is back to back titles for Wyoming and their 8th in CHL history.  Madeira finished 2nd (5-0-2, 8-5-2).  Taylor is 10-4-3 overall & Mariemont 9-5-3.
Some Results From The Past Week...

Wyoming 4 Indian Hill 2 - Clinched league title
Reading 5 Madison 3
Taylor 7 Blanchester 0
Mariemont 1 Badin 0

Stat Leaders:
Points - Zach Napora (Wyoming) 50
Goals - Z. Napora 20
Assists -  Luke Brothers (Mariemont) 11, Z. Napora 10, Perrin Varland (Wyoming) 10, Nathan Profitt (Reading) 10
Shut Outs - Austin Snowden (Wyoming) 7, CJ Riga (Taylor) 6, Evan Wuertemberger (Mariemont) 6

Sectional play will start this week.  see story.


Wyoming are league champs (6-0-1, 11-4-1).  It's the Cowboy's 1st title since 2009 and their 12th in the CHL.  Indian Hill finished 2nd (6-1-0, 11-2-3).
Some Results From The Past Week...

Wyoming 1 Indian Hill 0 - Clinched league title
Deer Park 6 Bethel-tate 1
Taylor 2 Cincinnati Country Day 1
Indian Hill 1 Carroll 1

Stat Leaders:
Points - Anna Podojil (Indian Hill) 44 points
Goals - A. Podojil 18, Delaney Murphy (Finneytown) 17

Assists - E. Podojil (Indian Hill) 11
Shut Outs - Kate Marrs (Indian Hill) 7.5

Sectional play starts this week.  See story.

Indian Hill is 12-2 overall & 4-0 in league play. The Braves has won the league title for the 22nd straight year. They have won 95 league matches in a row. Wyoming was 2nd (3-1, 12-6)  Mariemont is 13-3 overall.

Indian Hill & Wyoming will have players at the state championship this week.  See story.


The league champion in golf is decided by a point system.  One point is awarded for each team you beat in the league preview.  Two points are awarded for each regular season dual win.  Two points are awarded for each team you beat in the league tournament.  Under the Golf link, there are separate standing for win-lose and points.
Wyoming has clinched the league title with 28 points.  It is their 4th in a row, 6 out of the last 7, & 13th overall in the CHL.  Mariemont is 2nd with 24 points. Indian Hill is 3rd with 23 points.

The golf season is complete.  See story on state championship.

Girls' golf is still a non-league sport in the CHL.  Five schools are needed to make it league.  Only Madeira, Taylor, & Wyoming have teams.  The website will show schedules, win-loss records of dual and tri matches, and 9 hole stats.

Golf season is complete.  See story on state championship.

Meet Last Week: 
The CHL Championship was held at Taylor High school.

Wyoming is back to back league champs.  Se story on league championship.

Top 5 Kilometer Times:
1. Hannah Korte (Taylor) 18:34.3
2. Riley Bahr (Wyoming) 18:34.3

3. Jessica Sanders (Finneytown) 18;38.4

4. Marin Valentine (Mariemont) 19:44.3

5. Elizabeth Whaley (Indian Hill) 19:47
6. Riley Dunne (Mariemont) 19:55.4

7. Erin Kelly (Mariemont) 20:04


Madeira is back to back league champs
.  See story on league championship.

Top 5 Kilometer Times:

1. Ben Bayless (Indian Hill) 15:32.7
2. Nick Lake (Taylor) 15:48
3. Jack Schwartz (Wyoming) 15:48.8
4 Nolan Heffernan (Indian Hill) 15:49.4
5. Chase Grauel (Taylor) 16:15.6

6. John Nice (Wyoming) 16:18
7. Diego Arredondo (Madeira) 16:22.3

The district championships will be held on Saturday at Voice of America Park on Saturday.  See story later in the week.

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