Coach Minor Making Season #50 His Last

     Reading assistant football coach Ken Minor will be starting his 50th year in coaching this coming fall.  Coach Minor has decided to retire after the football season.  His coaching career goes back to 1972 but his sport’s career goes back farther. 
      Ken is a 1968 graduate of Reading High School where he lettered in four sports.  He was All-League in football his junior & senior years.  He continued his football career at Wilmington College where he was a four year starter.  Ken was tight end where he led his team in receptions sophomore through senior years.  His senior year, he was 3rd in the conference in receptions.  Ken was All-Conference & All District three years.  In his senior year, he was an All-American Honorable Mention.  In 2002, Coach Minor was inducted into the Wilmington College Athletic Hall of Fame.
        His coaching started early as the receiver & defensive end coach for Wilmington in 1972.  He got a job as a physical education & health teacher at Reading in 1973 where he stayed until 2008.  From 1973-1978, Ken was the defensive coordinator for the Blue Devils.  In 1979, he became head football coach, a position he held until 2007.  During his head coaching time at Reading, he had four league championships, made the state playoffs six times (including five years in a row) and was a state final four in 2000.  Coach Minor was Coach of the Year in the CHL five times, Cincinnati Enquirer seven times, Cincinnati Post three times, Southwestern Football Coaches Association three times, District two times.  In 2002, he was the Bengals NFL High School Coach of the Year for the Tri-State area.  He was in the Southwest Ohio East-West All-Star game twice, once as the head coach.  In 2004, he was an assistant coach at the Ohio North-South All-Star game.  As a head coach at Reading, Ken had 170 wins, the most of any coach in school history.        

      After leaving Reading in 2007, Coach Minor was the offensive coordinator at North College Hill for a year.  In 2009 he became head football coach at Summit Country Day.  From 2010-2012, Ken was head coach at his alma mater Wilmington College.  From 2013-2014, he was the offensive coordinator at Clark Montessori.  In 2015, Ken went back to Summit Country as assistant head coach.  In 2016, he was an offensive coordinator at St. Bernard.   Coach Minor returned to Reading in 2017 as an assistant coach.  In his final season as a coach, he will be the running backs coach for the Blue Devils.  Besides football, Ken did spend 12 years at Reading coaching track & field. 
       When we asked Coach Minor some thoughts going into his 50th season, this is what he said….. “My initial thought going into this final season is just how fast the previous 49 years have passed!  I want to savor every practice, game, and coaching situation throughout the year.  I also have been thinking of all the individual teams and players that I have been privileged to coach.  I have been blessed to have worked with so many talented, caring, and hardworking coaches.  I have competed against many topnotch head coaches and assistants, who I have learned to respect more and more throughout the years. The eight playoff wins we had from 2000-2004 were great memories. I have looked at the schedule numerous times this season, thinking of the great battles that we have fought with all of the excellent teams in the CHL.  I also look forward to the five games in the stadium that I have called home for 40 years of coaching, four years of high school ball, & five years of little league.  At the same time, I look forward to playing in the visiting CHL away stadiums for the last time, and the “Castle” at Summit Country Day where I was head coach. Finally, it would really be exciting to make the playoffs in my last year of coaching.  No predictions here, but I have seen this group of players and coaches working in the off season as hard as any team that I have coached.”

To Coach Ken Minor, congratulations on all of your accomplishments over the last 49 years.  Good luck in season 50!

SID Note – As far as I can tell, there are three coaches still active in the league that were coaching in the first year(1985) of the Cincinnati Hills League: Sue Savage (Indian Hill track & field and cross country), Dick Engel (Reading wrestling), & Ken Minor!

Enquirer Spring Sports All Stars

The Cincinnati Enquirer has posted their spring sports all stars.  Almost 170 athletes & coaches from the CHL are represented.  Fourteen are either athlete or coach of the year in their sport. Congratulations to all who are honored!
Division II
1st Team - Brennan Pagan (Wyoming), Aidan Dunehew (Wyoming), Elijah Dennis (Wyoming), Mark Snowden (Taylor), Johnny Kearns (Taylor), Luke Hammond (Indian Hill), Nick Rinala (Indian Hill)
2nd Team - Max Atkinson (Taylor)
Honorable Mention - Seth Keith (Taylor), Drew Mouch (Wyoming), Luke Taylor (Wyoming), Zach Osterhues (Indian Hill), Jake Fox (Indian Hill)
Division III
1st Team - Louie Hess (Reading), Quinn Benner (Mariemont), Andrew Glassmeyer (Mariemont), Michael Napolitano (Mariemont), Dylan Thatcher (Madeira), Aiden Megois (Madeira)
2nd Team - Joe 
Schneider (Madeira), Ryan Dace (Finneytown)
Honorable Mention - Mitch Bowman (Reading), Donald Furniss (Reading), Chase Slusher (Reading), Nick Heisser (Madeira), Max Miller (Mariemont), Tyler Tritsch (Mariemont), Ryan Schramm (Deer Park), Dominic Wilson (Deer Park)

Division II 
1st Team - Kylie Burdick (Taylor), Liana Morgal (Wyoming), Kat Schwartz (Wyoming), Camrynn Linneman (Taylor), Sophia Thoma (Taylor)
2nd Team - 
Maggie Graham (Taylor), Maggie Fitzpatric (Wyoming), Vanessa Rosander (Wyoming), Ashlyn Seenberg (Indian Hill), Karlie Burdick (Taylor), Margaret Brink (Wyoming)
Honorable Mention - Karlee Luttrell (Taylor), Naomi Evans (Wyoming), Emma Galinger (Wyoming)
Division III
Savannah Smith (Reading), Gabriela Roque (Finneytown), Jamie Wolfe (Deer Park), Gina Wilson (Deer Park)
2nd Team - Elissa Kelch (Finneytown), Anna Kurz (Madeira), J.J. Fischer (Deer Park), Lindsay 
Girand (Reading), Ann Gilbertson (Mariemont), Brooke Davis (Madeira), Margaret Grant (Reading)
Honorable Mention - April Calloway (Madeira), Maria 
Grooms (Madeira), Keziah Pearson (Mariemont), McKenna Allen (Reading), Chloe Watts (Reading)

Boys' Lacrosse
Division II
Co-Player of the Year - Charlie DiGennaro (Indian Hill)
C0-Player of the Year - Seth Greene (
Coach of the Year - Steve Peterson (Mariemont)
!st Team - Charlie DiGennaro, Seth Greene, Jeb Lindell (Mariemont), Robert Brunner (Indian Hill), Cooper Wyler (Indian Hill), Ridge Dumoulin (Indian Hill), Max Tepe (Mariemont), Luke Rubin (Mariemont), Will Klekamp (Indian Hill)
2nd Team - Robbie Guttman (Indian Hill), Nick Adair (Indian Hill), Boden Gall (Mariemont), Will Adair (Indian Hill), Ken Devine (Indian Hill), Barrett Lindell (Mariemont), Luke Brennaman (Mariemont), Canon Shafer (Madeira)
Honorable Mention - Josh Walters (Taylor), Tate Seris (Wyoming), Coleman Jeffers (Wyoming)

Girls' Lacrosse
Division II
Player of the Year - Marley Megowen (Mariemont)
Coach of the Year - Kevin Ferry (Mariemont)
1st Team - Marley Megowen, Maria Lindberg (Indian Hill), Cameron Rabenold (Indian Hill), Marah Campbell (Mariemont), Sophie Toman (Mariemont), Sophia Dick (Wyoming), Victoria Chesson (Wyoming)
2nd Team - Chloe Telgkamp (Mariemont), Meghan Lyons (Wyoming), Emily Eckert (Indian Hill), Lexi larsen (Indian Hill), Chloe Torggler (Madeira)
Honorable Mention - Olivia Dick (Wyoming), Delaine Oliveira (Mariemont), Sarah Hicks (Madeira)

Girls' Track & Field
Division II
Co-Runner of the Year - Elizabeth Whaley (Indian Hill)
Co-Runner of the Year - Cameron Bittermann (Taylor)
Coach of the Year - Sue Savage (Indian Hill)
1st Team - 
4 x 800 Relay - Indian Hill (Annie Isphording, Elizabeth Whaley, Hayden Withers, Meghan O'Brien)
100 Hurdles - Kiersten Souders (Mariemont)
100 Dash - Payton Koebbe (Reading)
1600 Run - Elizabeth Whaley
400 Dash - Meghan O'Brien
800 Run - Elizabeth Whaley
200 Dash - Cameron Bittermann
3200 Run - Hayden Withers
4 x 400 Relay - Indian Hill (Lauren Frey, Annie Isphording, Elizabeth Whaley, Meghan O'Brien)
2nd Team -
4 x 800 Relay - Mariemont (Lily Bauer, Alexa Decamp, Brooke Cole, Grace Bohl)
100 Dash - Cameron Bittermann
1600 Run - Emma Bergmann (Wyoming)
400 Dash - Cameron Bittermann
3200 Run - Sylvia Coyle (Wyoming)
Honorable Mention - 
4 x 800 Relay - Wyoming (Sylvia Coyle, Emma Bergmann, Danielle Sabaliunaite, Allison Alpanalp)
1600 Run - Jessica Sanders (Finneytown)
800 Run - Alexa Decamp
200 Dash - Payton Koebbe
3200 Run - Monica Dart (Taylor)
4 x 400 Relay - Mariemont (Lily Bauer, Alexa Decamp, Brooke Cole, Mararet Griesmer)
Discus - Allison Miller (Deer Park)
High Jump - Mia Hack (Indian Hill)
Shot Put - Allison Miller
Pole Vault - Allison Hamilton
Division III (all Madeira athletes)
Field Athlete of the Year - Yvonne Colson
1st Team -
4 x 800 Relay - Izzy 
Arredondo, Keira O'Cull, Claire LeRoy, Hannah Lutes
4 x 200 Relay - Sophia Davenport, Izzy Arredondo, Keira O'Cull, Claire LeRoy
800 Run - Izzy Arredondo
3200 Run - Annie Meyer
4 x 400 Relay - Izzy Arredondo, Hannah Lutes, Keira O'Cull, Claire LeRoy
Discus - Yvonne Colson
Shot Put - Yvonne Colson
2nd Team -
800 Run - Keira O'Cull
Discus - Kennedy Cunningham 
Honorable Mention -
1600 Run - Ella Garza
400 Dash - Claire LeRoy
3200 Run - Hannah Lutes

Boys' Track & Field
Division II
Runner of the Year - Jaden Behanan (Finneytown)
Coach of the Year - James Tenhundfeld (Taylor)
1st Team -
4 x 800 Relay - Madeira (Luke Mitchell, Quinn LeBorgne, Calvin Busch, Ethan Henry)
4 x 200 Relay - Finneytown (Travis Edwards, Jaden Behanan, Falilou Dionna, Zion Denson)
800 Run - Martin Eisenhauer (Mariemont)
200 Dash - Jaden Behanan
3200 Run - Ethan Henry
4 x 400 - Taylor (Hayden Ball, Zach Howard, Ethan Weiberer, Dylan Lanham)
Discus - Dylan Holloran-Thompson (Indian Hill)
Shot Put - Joel Allen (Wyoming)
2nd Team -
4 x 800 Relay - Mariemont (Henry Buck, Bennett Turan, Martin Eisenhauer, Sam Beeler)
110 Hurdles - Dylan Lanham
4 x 100 Relay - Finneytown (Johnathan Burlew, Zion Denson, Jaden Behanan, Malik Williams)
400 Dash - Luke Mitchell
300 Hurdles - Dylan Lanham
800 Run - Coleman Warstler (Indian Hill)
3200 Run - Sam Beeler
4 x 400 Relay - Indian Hill (Luke Folke, Ben Vigran, Coleman Warstler, John Podojil)
Discus - Joel Allen
Long Jump - Yahel Sonia (Wyoming)
Pole Vault - Bowie Irvine (Indian Hill)
Honorable Mention 
4 x 200 Relay - Wyoming (Joshua Nugent, Yahel Slonia, Sam Prangley, James Edwards)
400 Dash - Hayden Ball 
800 Run - Henry Buck
4 x 400 Relay - Finneytown (Falilou Dionna, Malik Williams, Jaden Behanan, Zion Denson)
Discus - Andrew Whiston (Madeira)
High Jump - Brayden Kincaid (Taylor)
Pole Vault - Charles Pickett (Wyoming)
Division III (all Deer Park athletes)
2nd Team -
300 Hurdles - Michael Beamer
Shot Put - Jasean Denson
Pole Vault Robert Fischer
Honorable Mention
110 Hurdles - Michael Beamer

Boys' Tennis
Division II
Doubles Team of the Year - Tejas Pisati/RJ Pofenberger (Indian Hill)
Coach of the Year - Wade Ward (Indian Hill)
!st Team Singles- Jack Pollock (Indian Hill)
2nd Team Singles - Will Stephens (Mariemont), Mark Keller (Wyoming), Eshaan Gandhi (Indian Hill)
Honorable Mention Singles - RJ Howe (Mariemont), Thompson Blonde (Wyoming)
1st Team Doubles - Tejas Pisati/RJ Pofenberger
2nd Team Doubles - Wil Glassmeyer/Riley Whitmore (Mariemont)
Honorable Mention Doubles - Jai Masturzo/Sam Rhoad (Indian Hill), Aaron Altman/Luke Browning (Madeira)

Boys' Volleyball
Division II (all Taylor athletes
1st Team - Will Strasser
2nd Team - Ethan Cappel
Honorable Mention - Robbie Rapking

Softball/Girls' Lacrosse All Stars

Our 3rd installment of all stars has two girls' sports.

We have done a lot of checking and unfortunately can only come up with two different all star teams:

Division III All State
Honorable Mention - Savannah Smith (Reading)
Southwest District 
Division II - Honorable Mention Camrynn Linneman (Taylor)
Division III - 2nd Team Savannah Smith

Girls' Lacrosse
Division II Region 8
1st Team - Marah Campbell (Mariemont), Marley Megowen (Mariemont), Sophia Toman (Mariemont(, Maria Lindberg (Indian Hill), Cameron Rabenold (Indian Hill), Sophia Dick (Wyoming), Victoria Chesson (Wyoming)
2nd Team - Chloe Telgkamp (Mariemont), Emily Eckert (Indian Hill), Lexi larsen (Indian Hill), Chloe Torggler (Madeira), Meghan Lyons (Wyoming)
Honorable Mention - Delanie Oliveria (Mariemont), Sarah Hicks (Madeira), Olivia Dick (Wyoming)
Division II All State
1st Team - Maria Lindberg, Marley Megowen, Marah Campbell, Sophia Dick
2nd Team - Sophia Toman, Victoria Chesson
All American
Marley Megowen
Academic All American
Sophia Toman

Baseball/Boys' Lacrosse All Stars

Our second posting of all stars are baseball & boys' lacrosse.

All State
Division II - 2nd Team Brennan Pagan (Wyoming)
Division III - Honorable Mention Louis Hess (Reading)
All City
Division II
!st Team - Brennan Pagan, Luke Hammond (Indian Hill), Aiden Dunehew (Wyoming), Mark Snowden (Taylor)
2nd Team - Jake Fox (Indian Hill), Johnny Kearns (Taylor)
Honorable Mention - Max Atkinson (Taylor), Elijah Dennis (Wyoming)
Division III/IV
1st Team - Louis Hess, Joe Schneider (Madeira), Quinn Benner (Mariemont), Michael Napolitano (Mariemont)
2nd Team - Andrew Glassmeyer (Mariemont), Aidan Megois (Madeira), Micah Bowman (Reading), Chases Slusher (Reading), Conner Thamann (Reading)

Boys' Lacrosse
All State Division II
1st Team - Charlie Digennaro (Indian Hill), Jeb Lindell (Mariemont), Seth Greene (Mariemont), Robert Brunner (Indian Hill), Cooper Wyler (Indian Hill)
2nd Team - Ridge Dumoulin (Indian Hill), Max Tepe (Mariemont), Luke Rubin (Mariemont)
3rd Team - Will Klekamp (Indian Hill)

Enquirer Winter All Stars

Our first posting on "All Star Week" will go back a few months.  Here are the Enquirer Winter All Stars.  The CHl was represented by 94 athletes & coaches:
Boys' Basketball
Division II
!st Team - Isaiah Walker (Wyoming)
2nd Team - Danny Austing (Taylor)
Honorable Mention - Damien Crayton (Wyoming), Harry Hilvert (Taylor), Mateo Lopez (Indian Hill, Wyatt Wachs (Indian Hill)
Division III
1st Team - Connor Cravack (Madeira)
2nd Team - Zyon Scott (Reading), Will Trubisky (Mariemont)
Honorable Mention - Tim Stewart (Mariemont), Logan Stidham (Reading)

Girls' Basketball
Division II
1st Team - Ella Riggs (Indian Hill)
2nd Team - Julia Gooding (Taylor)
Honorable Mention - Brooke Arington (Indian Hill), Kennedy Green (Indian Hill), Morgan Finely (Taylor), Katie O'Brien (Taylor), Meredith Bornholdt (Wyoming), Bree Moye (Wyoming)
Division III
2nd Team - Kenzie Schneeman (Deer Park)
Honorable Mention - Leah Fulton (Finneytown), Sarah Hicks (Madeira), Alexa Hacker(Madeira), Kendal Spreen (Mariemont), Marley Valentine (Mariemont), Erika Ddwey (Mariemont), Kiera Bailey (Reading)

Division II
Swimmer of the Year - Gibson Holmes (Indian Hill)
Diver of the Year - Nathan Cox (Mariemont)
Coach of the Year - Matt Harrison (Indian Hill)1st Team - Gibson Holmes, Nathan Cox, Dan Edmonson (Indian Hill), Gabe Yin (Indian Hill), Will Ford (Indian Hill), Jonah Mikesel (Mariemont)
2nd Team - Jack Cumming (Mariemont), Josh Baker (Madeira), Philip Forbes (Mariemont), Daniel Cooper (Mariemont), Ben Starkey (Indian Hill)

Division II
Diver of the Year - Grace Courtney (Wyoming)
1st Team - Grace Courtney, Josie Festa (Indian Hill), Kiersten Souders (Mariemont), Anna Palen (Indian Hill), Kathy Zhao (Indian Hill), Jacqueline Young (Mariemont), Ava Ellis (Mariemont), Isabelle Pivor (Indian Hill), Marina Oria (Indian Hill)
2nd Team - Lydia Eberlein (Mariemont), Aida Thoman (Mariemont), Anna Lewis (Madeira), Mia Hagenauer (Wyoming), Ella Garza (Madeira), Claire LeRoy (Madeira), Jane Feichtner (Madeira)

Girls' Wrestling
1st Team - 116 Cerenity Begeron (Taylor), 137 Meghan Werbrich (Taylor)
2nd Team - 101 - Isabella Savage (Taylor)
Honorable Mention - 106 Katie Black (Taylor)

Boys' Wrestling
Division II
Coach of the Year - Bobby Lyons (Wyoming)
1st Team - 113 Malachi O'Leary (Wyoming), 138 Harris Foad (indian Hill), 152 Nathan Bryan (Wyoming)
2nd Team - 132 Jacob Bryan (Wyoming), 160 C.J. Hester (Wyoming), 182 Jared Hancock (Wyoming)
Honorable Mention - 170 Nathan Berger (Indian Hill), 182 Dillon Davidson (Taylor), 195 Derrick Davidson (Taylor), Bryce Hickson (Wyoming), 220 Bruce Wagers (Wyoming), 285 Onyx Mendenhall (Wyoming)
Division III
1st Team - 106 Aidan Thiele (Madeira), 113 Ramakrisna Gandhi (Madeira), 126 Nathan Opicka (Madeira), 152 Gabe Wilson (Deer Park)
2nd Team - 138 Roman Thompson (Madeira), 145 Cameron Beimische (Madeira), 160 Gus Kyser (Madeira)
Honorable Mention - 120 Brennen Volz (Finneytown), 126 Ryan Schwab (Finneytown), 152 Finnegan McCarthy (Madeira), 182 Javiahn Coates (Finneytown), 220 Aidan Fertig (Madeira)

Boys' Bowling
Division II
Bowler of the Year - Ian Carpenter (Reading)
Coach of the Year - Joe Godbey (Reading)
1st Team - Ian Carpenter, Tatum Buhira (Wyoming)
2nd Team - Jeremy Easter (Reading)
Honorable Mention - Zamir Thoman (Mariemont)

Girls' Bowling
Division II
1st Team - Ella Harvey (Taylor), Kylie Burdick (Taylor), Makayla Lawson (Reading)
Honorable Mention - Drew Handorf (Deer Park), Caitlyn Prince (Reading)