Governor DeWine: Fall Contact Sports A Go, With Restrictions


The news that many high school sports programs have been waiting for came Tuesday afternoon.  Governor DeWine announced that contact sports (field hockey, football, soccer) can compete this fall season. The non contact sports have already been approved to start. There will be several restrictions.  Schools have been practicing since August 1st so many of those restrictions have been in effect.  The most obvious one will be limited spectators at events.  Family and people close to the athlete will have priority.  Each school district will determine the specifics of those spectator restrictions.  Also, local health departments will have site inspections at the athletic events.  Failure to comply could results in disqualifying a team from an individual contest or even the entire season.  Play or not to play will eventually come down to each school district.  As you know, Middletown has announced they will not have fall sports and Cincinnati Public will be putting off sports for five weeks.  These districts might change their minds.  

The bottom line is that all fall sports are moving forward, although it will look a lot different than past years.  And how much of a season teams will have will be the responsibility of the athletes & coaches to stay healthy.  Let's hope this is the way and keep this good news going!