Fall Weekly Update, 10/19 - 10/24


All league champs have been crowned and all sports in in post season or done.  This will be the final Weekly Update for the Fall season.  Complete stats can be found under each sport's link.
Red - League Champ Determined.


Since the league season will not be completed, the Athletic Directors have decided that the league champ would be decided after six games. Indian Hill & Wyoming are 6-0 and are co-champs.  For Wyoming, it is the 5th league title in a row, the 7th in the last 8 years, and the 19th overall in the CHL.  The Cowboys regular season win streak is at 47 (longest in Ohio) and will stay intact till next year.  Indian Hill has their first league title since 2015 and their 9th overall in the CHL.

Second  Round Playoffs
Division IV
Indian Hill had a 35-3 lead over Oakwood at the half and went on to a 42-3 win.  Charlie Sumerel had 177 yards rushing with TD runs of 1 & 27 yards.  Antwan Peek Jr. had scoring runs of 2 & 10 yards.  Ty Thornton threw touchdown passes to Cooper Wyler (18 yards) & Zack Osterhues (6 yards).  Luke Folke was 6 for 6 in PAT kicks.

Division V
Mariemont scored a touchdown in each quarter as the Warriors upset West Liberty Salem 25-0.  Andrew Glassmeyer had TD passes two Conner Sounders for 36 & 18 yards.  Seth Greene had a season high 171 yards rushing with scoring runs of 57 & 8 yards.

Jack Hanley had a pair of field goals, but Madeira fell short losing to CHCA 13-6.

Division VI
Deer Park lost to Mechanicsburg 34-0.

Besides the play off games for Indian Hill, Mariemont, & Wyoming, there will be some regular seasons games Friday. Cincinnati College Prep will be at Reading.  Madeira will be at Norwood.

Wyoming had an up and down week.  On Tuesday, they saw their 152 league match winning streak end losing to Taylor in 4 games.  Thursday, they beat Indian Hill in 5 games to win their 11th straight volleyball league title.  It is their 16th overall in the CHL.  Wyoming is 13-1 in the league & 17-5 overall.  Taylor is 2nd (12-2, 14-6).  Madeira is 13-6 overall & Indian Hill 13-8.
Some Results From Last Week....
Taylor over Wyoming (4 games) - For Taylor, Josie Niemeyer had 14 kills & Morgan Finley 22 digs.  For Wyoming, Ally Cordes had 20 kids & Claire Kraft 16 digs.
Wyoming over Indian Hill (5 games) - For Wyoming, Cordes had 18 kills & Sydney Lawrence 23 digs.  For Indian Hill, Michaela Beiting had 11 kills & Piper Cowman 30 digs.

Stat Leaders 
Kills - Ally Cordes (Wyoming) 406
Digs - Bailey Koebbe (Reading) 345, Piper Cowman (Indian Hill) 334
Blocks - Michaela Beiting (Indian Hill) 83, Zoie Mayberry (Wyoming) 68
Serving Aces - Carley Scott (Madeira) 64, Claire Kraft (Wyoming) 62
Assists - Julia Richman (Wyoming) 669
Pass Points - Piper Cowman 1115

Volleyball sectionals start this week.

Mariemont is 6-0-0 in the league & 15-0-0 overall and remains the top D2 team in the state.  The Warriors clinch at least a tie for the league title. Wyoming is 5-1-0 in league play & 12-2-1 overall. Madeira is 9-2-4 overall.
Some Results From Last Week......
Mariemont 1 Madeira 0 - Nick Comer got the only goal. Maddox Miller got the shut-out.

Indian Hill 2 Seven Hills 0 - Jasper Bennett & Jon Cobb each had a goal.  Nathan Heilbrunn got the shut-out.

Stat Leaders 

Points - Luke Brothers (Mariemont) 55, Ethan Herbert (Wyoming) 51
Goals - Ethan Herbert 20, Luke Brothers 19
Assists - Luke Brothers 17, Cobey Hausfeld (Wyoming) 17
Shut Outs - Sam Jacquemin (Wyoming) 12, Maddox Miller (Mariemont) 9
Saves -  Adam Imhulse (Finneytown) 170, Jakob Allen (Reading) 166

Boys' soccer start sectionals this week.

Mariemont (6-0-0, 1-0-3) is in 1st place. The Warriors have clinched at least a tie for the league title.  Indian Hill is 5-1-0 in league play & 8-4-1 overall.  Madeira is 8-4-3 overall, Taylor 9-5-0,  Reading 8-6-0, & Wyoming 8-7-0.
Some Results From Last Week.....
Mariemont 1 Madeira 0 - Peyton Shoemaker got the only goal.  Ericka Dewey got the shut-out.
Indian Hill 1 Seven Hills 0 - Michelle Ludbery got the goal.  Zoe Hindman & Kira Ericsson combined for the shut-out.
Reading 6 Norwood 2 - Ally Sands & Olivia Simpson each had 2 goals.
Deer Park 4 Clark Montessori 2 - Kenzie Schneeman had 1 goal & 2 assists.  Schneeman is the all leader in assists at Deer Park.  Lauren Haglin had 2 goals.

Stat Leaders 
Points -  Kenzie Schneeman (Deer Park) 50,Payton Koebbe (Reading) 49 
Goals - Payton Koebbe 21, Lauren Haglin (Deer Park) 18, Kenzie Schneeman 17
Assists - Olivia Simpson (Reading) 16 Kenzie Schneeman 16
Shut Outs - Ericka Dewey (Mariemont) 9, Zoe Hindman (Indian Hill) 6
Saves - Elizabeth Watson (Deer Park) 154

Girls' soccer start sectionals this week.

Indian Hill finishes 4-0 in the league & is 10-2 overall.  For the Braves it is their 24th championship in a row.  That breaks the all time record in any CHL sport for consecutive league titles.  Mariemont is in 2nd (3-1, 18-3). Wyoming is 10-4 overall &  Taylor is 13-5.

Indian Hill beat Eaton in the regional finals of the state team tournament to advance to the state final four.

Five Indian Hill players will be at the state championships in Mason Friday & Saturday.   They will be in the state team final four on Sunday.

The league champ is decided on a point system  One point is given for each team you beat in the league preview.  Two points are given for each team you beat during the regular season.  Two points are given for each team you beat in the league championship
Points Totals - Indian Hill & Madeira are co-champs with 26 points each.  Mariemont is 3rd with 23 points. For the Braves, it is their first league title since 2011 and the 18th overall in the CHL.  The Mustangs had their first title since 2014 and the 4th overall in the CHL.

The boys' golf season is over.

Girls' golf will be a league sport with some changes.  There will be no regular season matches.  The league championship & all league selections was decided with a 18 hole championship.  Four schools have teams: Indian Hill, Madeira, Taylor, & Wyoming.
Wyoming is 9-1 and is league champ for the second year in a row

The girls' golf season is over.


The CHL Championships were held at Christ's Church in Mason.  see related story for results.

Stat leaders (5K Times) 

1. Lily Bauer (Mariemont)                     18:51
2. Elizabeth Whaley (Indian Hill)        19:38
3. Jessica Sanders (Finneytown)      19:46
4. Hayden Withers (Indian Hill).         20:16
5. Emma Bergman (Wyoming)           20:24.6
6. Claire Leroy (Madeira)                     20:30

7. Monica Dart (Taylor)                         20:42.44


Stat Leaders (5K Times) 

1. Jacob Gaffney (Madeira)         16:31
2. Ethan Henry (Madeira)            16:39
3. Sam Beeler (Mariemont)         16:44

4. Bennett Turan (Mariemont).  16:49.1
5. Calvin Busch (Madeira)            17:16

6. Brock Shults (Madeira)             17:22
7. Ben Fahnestock (Mariemont).  17:23

The district championships will be held this Saturday at the Voice of America Park in West Chester.  Check the 
Cross Country/District story for times.