Fall Weekly Update, 9/28 - 10/3


three sports have determined their league champ.  Football is in it's final regular season week.  Golf will be at the sectionals this week.  All fall sports are still going well. All stat leaders are posted.  Complete stats can be found under each sport's link.
Red - League Champ Determined.

Check out below the story on the football season & playoffs.
Indian Hill & Wyoming are 5-0 in league & overall. Wyoming has a 46 game regular season win streak going, longest currently in Ohio. Mariemont is 3-2.

Stat Leaders to be updated......

Quarterback - Andrew Glassmeyer (Mariemont) 61-107 772 yards 8 TD passes, Ty Thornton (Indian Hill) 7 TD passes
Rushing - Jose Gonzalez (Taylor) 518 yards
Receiving - Yards - Luke Hammond (Indian Hill) 344 yards  Catches - Jacob Sweigard (Taylor) 26
Scoring - Charlie Sumerel (Indian Hill) 54 points
Kick Scoring - Luke Folke (indian Hill) 24 points ,18-18 PATs 2-2 Field Goals 

Sacks - Harry Hilvert (Taylor) 6.5
Interceptions - Charlie DiGennaro (Indian HIll) 3
Fumble Recoveries - Dearis Thomas (Deer Park) 2, John Nolan (Madeira) 2

All games are Friday.  Indian Hill will be at Finneytown, Reading at madeira, & Wyoming at Taylor.  Our SID Game of the Week will be Deer Park at Mariemont.  That game will be on ICRC TV.  Mariemont will be trying to stay above .500 while the Wildcats will be going for a .500 regular season.

Wyoming is 8-0 in the league & 10-4 overall.  Wyoming's league win streak is at 148 in a row.  Madeira is 7-1 in the league & 10-3 overall.  Taylor (6-2, 8-5) is 3rd.  Indian Hill is 8-5 overall.
Some Results From Last Week....
will be updated....

Stat Leaders... to be updated.....
Kills - Ally Cordes (Wyoming) 207

Digs - Bailey Koebbe (Reading) 181
Blocks - Zoie Mayberry (Wyoming) 41, Michaela Beiting (Indian Hill) 39
Serving Aces - Claire Kraft (Wyoming) 29, Hannah Beiting (Indian Hill) 28, Kate Mangan (Indian Hill) 27

There will be 10 matches this week, 7 of them league.  Thursday will be the biggest league game so far.  Madeira will be at Wyoming.  In their first meeting of the season, the Amazons took the Cowboys to 5 games before a Wyoming win.

Mariemont is 4-0-0 in the league & 11-0-0 overall and remain the top D2 team in the state.  Wyoming is 3-1-0 in league play & 7-2-0 overall. Madeira (2-1-1, 5-2-2) & Taylor (2-1-1, 5-4-2) are tied for 3rd.  
Some Results From Last Week......
will be updated...

Stat Leaders... to be updated... 
Points - Prabin Bista (Finneytown) 20, Luke Brothers (Mariemont) 19, Sammy Linville (Taylor) 19
Goals - Prabin Bista 10
Assists - Luke Brothers 7, Cobey Hausfeld (Wyoming) 6
Shut Outs - Sam Jacquemin (Wyoming) 5, Ryan Kincaid (Taylor) 3, Maddox Miller (Mariemont) 3

There will be 16 games this week.  Four league games will be Tuesday.

Mariemont (3-0-0, 7-0-2) is in 1st place.  Indian Hill (3-1-0, 6-4-1) & Taylor (3-1-0, 9-2-0) are tied for 2nd.  Reading is 7-4-0 overall.
Some Results From Last Week.....
will be updated...

Stat Leaders... to be updated

Points - Payton Koebbe (Reading) 33
Goals - Payton Koebbe 14
Assists - Olivia Simpson 12
Shut Outs - Ericka Dewey (Mariemont) 4, Donna Bundy (Taylor) 3

There will be 14 games this week. Four league games will be Wednesday. Two big league games will be Taylor at Indian Hill & Mariemont at Reading.

Indian Hill is 3-0 in the league & 9-2 overall.  Tied for 2nd are Mariemont (2-1, 13-3) & Wyoming (2-1, 10-3).  Taylor is 11-5 overall.

Some Results From Last Week....
Mariemont 5 Mt. Notre Dame 0
Madeira 3 New Richmond 2
Wyoming 5 Ursuline "B" 0

Stat Leaders (wins)
Singles - Danielle Gerth (Taylor) 13-3, Kate Taaylor (Wyoming) 11-6, Sydney Evans (Wyoming) 10-1, Sophie Dick (Wyoming) 10-2, Claire Soller (Mariemont) 9-4, Natalie Swope (Taylor) 9-6
Doubles - Kaitlin Bucher/Peyton Wells (Taylor) 10-4, Lucy Neville/Caroline Soller (Mariemont) 5-0, Emma Childs/Juliann Scott (Taylor) 4-0, Hannah Howard/Juliann Scott (Taylor) 4-4, Abigail Palmer/Kaitlynn Teng (Madeira) 4-4

There are 6 matches this week. A big league match Wednesday will be Wyoming at Indian Hill.  A Indian Hill win would clinch the CHL title.

The league champ is decided on a point system  One point is given for each team you beat in the league preview.  Two points are given for each team you beat during the regular season.  Two points are given for each team you beat in the league championship
Points Totals - Madeira 16, Mariemont 15, Indian Hill 14
Madeira is 16-1, Indian Hill is 14-3, & Mariemont 11-2 overall.
Some Results From Last Week....
Madeira won the Middletown Christian Invitational with a 4 player score of 308.  Brandon Conner was 3rd overall.  Luke Isgrig was 4th & Eddie Hartung 7th.
Indian Hill 162 Summit Country Day 176
Taylor 198 Norwood 231

Stat Leaders (9 Hole Average)
1. Brandon Connor (Madeira)       36.19
2. Peter Sheakley (Indian Hill)     36.40

3. Tom Burchert (Mariemont)      37.83

4. Clay Van Fossen (Wyoming)   38.38
5. Drew Seichter (Mariemont)    38.61
6. Andrew Getgey (Mariemont)  38.83
7. Wyatt Higgins (Indian Hill)      39.88

There are 6 dual matches this week.  Tuesday, the last league match will be Taylor at Wyoming at the Wyoming Golf Course.  Monday will be the CHL Championships.  It will take place at The Mill Course.  First tee times will be 9:00.

Girls' golf will be a league sport with some changes.  There will be no regular season matches.  The league championship & all league selections will be decided with a 18 hole championship.  Four schools have teams: Indian Hill, Madeira, Taylor, & Wyoming.
Wyoming is 9-1.

Some Results From Last Week....
No results from last week

Stat Leaders (9 Hole Average) 
1. Sophia Dulin (Wyoming)              41.8
2. Samara Dulin (Wyoming)             43.7
3. Piper Isgrig (Indian Hill)               47.0
4. Mary Helen Strasser (Taylor)     48.0

5. Mady Kahn (Indian Hill)               49.7
    Sophie Chabris (Indian Hill)        49.7

There will be 7 dual matches this week. 

Indian Hill & Wyoming were at the Eaton Invitational, held at Fort St. Clair Park. Both teams were in the Varsity Gold race.  Finneytown & Reading (boys only) were at the Milford Invitational, held at Valley View Nature Center.  Madeira boys traveled to Louisville for the Trinity/Valkyrie Invitational.  It is the oldest cross country meet in Kentucky and was held at Tom Sawyer State Park.


At Eaton, Wyoming was 3rd & Indian Hill 6th.  Emma Begman (Wyoming) was 8th out of 77 runners.  Hayden Withers (Indian Hill) was 10th & Sylvia Coyle (Wyoming) was 11th.
At Milford, Jessica Sanders was 14th out of 141 runners.

Stat leaders (5K Times) 
1. Lily Bauer (Mariemont)                    19:13
2. Elizabeth Whaley (Indian Hill)       19:38
3. Jessica sanders (Finneytown)      19:46
4. Claire Leroy (Madeira)                    20:30

5. Monica Dart (Taylor)                      20:46
6. Hayden Withers                                20:51

At Eaton, Indian Hill was 4th & Wyoming 5th.  Liam Morris (Indian Hill) was 12th out of 92 runners.  Nico Arrajo (Wyoming) was 14th.

At Milford, Johnny Powers was the top runner for Reading.  Brennan Jones was the top runner for Finneytown.
The Trinity/Valkyrie invite is not only the oldest in Kentucky, but one of the largest.  Ethan Henry (Madeira) was 36th out of 549 runners.  Teammate Jacob Gaffney was 58th.

Stat Leaders (5K Times) 
1. Jacob Gaffney (Madeira)       16:31
2. Ethan Henry (Madeira)          16:39
2. Sam Beeler (Mariemont)       16:44

4. Calvin Busch (Madeira)          17:16
5. Brock Shults (Madeira)          17:22
6. Bennett Turan (Mariemont)  17:25

Tuesday, Taylor will be at the Hamilton Big Blue Challenge at Forrest Run Metro Park.  Saturday, Finneytown & Wyoming will be at the Princeton Invitational at the Landmark Campus.  Also Saturday, Deer Park, Indian Hill, Reading, & Taylor will be at the Seven Hills Invitational at seven Hills Upper School.