CHL Trivia Friday Edition, May 1, Sunday Answers


See how fast you can find the answers.  You can have competition with others. 
Correct answers will be posted Sunday  afternoon after 6:30
Answers can be found on the many different links on the CHL Website.
A focus this week will be on lacrosse.
  1. Two part question… Lacrosse has had a state tournament for many years.  Before OHSAA recognition, it was run by the coaches association.  How many state championships have been won by CHL schools?  9 What are the  schools that have won state titles?  Indian Hill & Mariemont
  2. What year did the OHSAA recognized lacrosse as a state sport? 2017
  3. Who led the CHL in goals for girls’ lacrosse in 2019? Ellie Rabenold (Indian Hill) 109
  4. Who led the CHL in goals for boys’ lacrosse in 2019? Wyatt Fruland (Indian Hill) 91
  5. In 2017, who did Indian Hill beat for the girls’ lacrosse state championship? Chagrin Falls 13-12
  6. In 2017, who did Mariemont beat for the boys’ lacrosse state championship? St. Francis DeSales 9-4
  7. What year did Madeira start varsity girls’ lacrosse? 2017
  8. Since 2014, how many winning season has Wyoming boys’ lacrosse had? 4 -  2014, 2015, 2018, 2019
  9. Where will the state cross country championships be held this coming fall?
 Fortress Obetz.  The OHSAA signed a 5 year contract to hold it there.  
Check out the place on the OHSAA link.

10. In 2011, Finneytown shared the league boys’ basketball title with who? Mariemont & Reading
11. How many league football titles has Madeira won? 2 - back to back in 2012-2013
12. What was Loveland’s last year in the CHL? 1994-1995
13. According to the History of Deer Park, what year did Bill Cunningham graduate? 1966
14. What girl won the CHL Cross Country league championship from 2009-2011? Elizabeth Heinbach (Indian Hill)
15. In 1991, Finneytown girls’ track & field beat what team by 1 point for the league title? Indian Hill 128-127

Bonus Question (not found on the CHL website)
What country is the origin for lacrosse? Canada.  It is thought the tribes in the St. Lawrence Valley played the game as far back as the 17th century.