CHL Trivia Friday Edition, April 24, Sunday Answers


See how fast you can find the answers.  You can have competition with others. 
Correct answers will be posted Sunday  afternoon after 6:30
Answers can be found on the many different links on the CHL Website.
A focus this week will be on track & field.
  1. Two part question… According to the CHL stats, how many high running events does track have?  12 How many events for field? 5
  2. What school has won the most CHL girls’ track & field titles? Wyoming - 12
  3. What year is the oldest boys’ track & field league record (3 way tie)? 1987 -100 Dash, 200 Dash, 400 Relay 
  4. How many girls’ league FAT records are faster than the non FAT records? 5 - 200 Dash, 400 Dash, 800 Run, 300 Hurdles, 1600 Relay
      FYI… FAT stands for fully automatic timing.
  5. From 2016-2019, a Podojil sister was league MVP in girls’ track & field.  What year did Ellie received the MVP award? 2018
  6. In 2012, what Deer Park athlete won the shot put & discus at the league championships?  Cory Harmon
  7. During the 2000-2001 school  year, how many league titles did Reading win? 5 - Football, Volleyball, Wrestling, Softball, Girls' Track & Field
  8. According the league stats, who had the most girls’ soccer goals in 2013? Sara Haussler (Taylor) -16
  9. Wyoming has won the most CHL football titles and Indian Hill the second most.  Who is 3rd place in number of CHL football titles? CAPE - 7
10. Since 2007, what coach has been Wrestling Coach of the Year seven times? Dick Engel (Reading)
11. From 2017-2019, what was Mariemont’s boys lacrosse record? 57-9
12. In 2007, who was the Boys’ Tennis Coach of the Year? Drew Dilley (Taylor)
13. In 2015, what was Deer Park’s league softball record? 11-1
14. How many state titles does Madeira have? 5 - Volleyball 1978, Baseball 1999, Boys' Soccer 2002-2003, Girls' Soccer 2010
15. Who has the longest consecutive league title streak in boys’ golf? Indian Hill - 12 (1985-1996)