CHL Trivia Wednesday Edition, April 15, Friday Answers


See how fast you can find the answers.  You can have competition with others. 
Correct answers will be posted Friday afternoon after 4:30
Answers can be found on the many different links on the CHL Website.
A focus this week will be on softball.
  1. In 2015 & 2020, the league has/had only seven team playing varsity softball.  Name the teams without varsity squads. Mariemont -2015, Madeira - 2020
  2. Who has won the most CHL league titles in softball (more than one)? Three have won 10 each, Deer Park, Reading, Taylor
  3. What two current CHL teams have never won a softball league championship? Indian Hill & Mariemont
  4. Has a CHL softball team ever won a state championship? No
  5. Who led the league in RBIs in softball in 2012? Megan Garner (Finneytown)
  6. Who softball player this school year is committed to play at Wright State? Brooklynn Linneman (Taylor)
  7. Who was the Softball Coach of the Year in 2007? Dave Schlensker (Madeira)
  8. Taylor has a current league win streak of how many games? 42 (2017-2019)
  9. In 2011, what three schools tied for the league title in boys’ basketball? Finneytown, Mariemont, Reading
10. What team is ranked 8th in consecutive league titles? Wyoming Boys' Track & Field - 9
11. What were the last two schools to have athletes still competing in the 2019-2020 winter season? Deer Park Boys' Basketball & Wyoming Wrestling
12. In the history of league cities/towns, what did Finneytown host for the first time in 1962? Homearama
13. How many OHSAA sponsored sports are there? (If a sport is both boys & girls, it only counts as one) 17
14. As of today, how many coaching positions are available in the CHL, according to the web list. 7
15. What was Indian Hill girls’ lacrosse record in 2016? 15-4

Bonus Question (not found on website)  Today would have been tax day.  When is the new tax deadline? July 15