Quarantine Q & A, Thursday Update


Since most people are more or less quarantined for the time being, we are reaching out to some of our CHL administrators, coaches, & athletes to see how they are dealing with the current circumstances.  We made it simple with just two questions.
How has this impacted you personally and what are you doing to pass the time?
When this crisis has passed, what are your priorities on getting back to normal?

As we get information back from individuals, we will continue to add to this story.

Mick Mattson, Madeira junior tennis athlete

It was a major adjustment at first, but now that I've settled into things, it's easier to have a structured daily routine and I've become more organized during this time. I have been running, listening to music, reading, and playing guitar to keep busy.
Once things return to normal, I look forward to being able to hang out with my friends again, whether that's meeting up at a park to play tennis, going out to eat, or even just playing video games in one of our basements together. I also am looking forward to being able to play tennis with my team again, as our team has a very strong bond through all grade levels, and it's a very fun environment to be a part of.

Because the story is getting long with contributions, we have put some contributions below in Additional Quarantine Q & A.