CHL Trivia Wednesday Edition 3/25, Friday Answers


See how fast you can find the answers.  You can have competition with others. 
Correct answers will be posted Friday afternoon after 4:30
Answers can be found on the many different links on the CHL Website.

1. What two schools were former members of the CHL? Loveland, CAPE
2. The year that Deer Park won the state championship in boys’ basketball, what was their record? 29-0
3. What two teams have the longest consecutive league win streaks? Indian Hill Girls' Tennis & Indian Hill Boys' Tennis, 23 each
4. What year did Taylor join the CHL? 1989
5. What team won the CHL volleyball league title from 1985-1991 and has not won since? Finneytown
6. Andrew Benintendi (Madeira) was Athlete of the Year a total of four times in what two sports? Baseball & Basketball
7. According to Mariemont history, who broke ground on a planned community in 1923? Mary Emery
8. Who was the last league wrestler to win a state title? Stephen Myers (Rea
ding) 2011
9. Wyoming volleyball has won 10 straight league titles and a league winning streak of how  many matches? 140
10. Will Grimmer was Golfer of the Year four straight years.  What school is he from? Mariemont
11. Lacrosse became a OHSAA sport in 2017.  How many state titles have CHL teams won since it became an official sport?  3, Indian Hill Girls', Mariemont Girls', Mariemont Boys'
12. What Finneytown runner won the CHL cross country championship in 2012? Alex Hughes
13. Reading Girls' track & field has won only one league title.  What year was did they win? 2001 
14. What school year did bowling become a league sport? 2017-2018
15. Who was the boys’ basketball  CHL Coach of the Year in 2013? Jim Reynolds (Madeira). And now check out the story below on Coach Reynolds!