CHL Trivia Wednesday Edition, Friday Answers


Answers to Wednesday trivia.  Look for more CHL trivia in the next few days.
See how fast you can find the answers.  You can have competition with others. 
Correct answers will be posted Friday afternoon.
Answers can be found on the many different links on the CHL Website.

1. Who is 3rd place after two seasons in the All Sports Trophy 2019-2020? Mariemont
2. Who was the 2006 league football champ? Indian Hill
3. How many state baseball titles has Reading won? 6
4. What was Deer Park boys’ basketball final state ranking this season? Division III, tied 4th
5. In 1990, Finneytown had a state champ in the 800 Run.  Who was it? Sean White
6. Counting the CHL, how many leagues are listed under Cincy High School Sports? 10
7. Who was the softball Player of the Year in 2018 & 2019? Brooklynn Linneman (Taylor)
8. Reading’s Justin Dreyling was state champ in what event in 2007? Long Jump
9. In her profile, what university is Anna Podojil playing soccer? Arkansas
10. What two league wrestlers made the state championships this year? CJ Hester & Nathan Bryan (both Wyoming)
11. What team won the boys’ cross country league title in 2019? Madeira
12. How many state team titles has Indian Hill won? 19
13. Taylor won 4 girls’ cross country titles in a row in what years? 2002-2003-2005-2006
14. How many league softball titles has Deer Park won? 10
15. In 1986, who won the volleyball,  girls’ soccer, & boys’ soccer titles in the CHL? Finneytown 
16. How many state titles has Cora Dupre (Mariemont) won? 5, all in swimming