District Swimming Will Be Crowded With CHL Swimmers


As they seem to do over the last several years, the CHL qualified many swimmers from the sectional to Division II District Championships.  Nine events had league swimmers in the top three seeds.  Here are the district qualifiers by events:

50 Freestyle - Isabella Pivor (Indian Hill), Emma Neiheisel (Taylor), Mia Hagenauer (Wyoming), Victoria Chesson (Wyoming), Erin Kelly (Mariemont)
100 Freestyle - Mia Hagenauer, Victoria Chesson, Maggie Jutze (Indian HIll), Grace Bohl (Mariemont), Ellie Lewis (Mariemont), Claire Leroy (Madeira)
200 Freestyle - Mikaela Elliott (Wyoming), Libby Spera (Wyoming), Ellie Lewis, Grace Bohl, Abby Scheeser (Mariemont), Sophie Nerl (Mariemont)
500 Freestyle - 3. Mikaela Elliott 5:15.17, Libby Spera, Jillian Rice (Indian Hill), Mackenzie Heidkamp (Taylor), Elizabeth Bonnell (Mariemont), Dorian Miller (Mariemont), Abby Scheeser, Sophie Nerl, Hayden Withers (Indian Hill), Rachel Bohl (Mariemont)
100 Backstroke - Elizabeth Bonnell, Anna Lewis (Madeira), Emma Neiheisel, Jessie Chan (Indian Hill), Erin Kelly, Helen Lewis (Madeira), Aida Thoman (Mariemont)
100 Breaststroke - 3. Jacqueline Young (Mariemont) 1:06.76, Kathy Zhao (Indian Hill), Mackenzie Heidkamp, Liv Riggs (Indian HIll), Lydia Eberlein (Mariemont), Kylene Chu (Wyoming), Maggie Jutze, Ava Ellis (Mariemont), Daniela Decamp (Mariemont), Abigail Shores (Wyoming)
100 Butterfly - Chloe Constantinides (Wyoming), Leah Warden (Mariemont), Ava Ellis, Gabby Demarco (Madeira), Eva Robles (Wyoming), Hailey Bauer (Mariemont)
200 IM - 2. Anna Lewis 2:14.58, Jacqueline Young, Lydia Eberlin (Mariemont), Anna Palen (Indian Hill), Liv Riggs, Dorian Miller, Kylene Chu, Helen Lewis, Chloe Constantinides, Leah Warden Daniela Decamp
200 Freestyle Relay - Indian Hill, Wyoming, Taylor, Mariemont, Madeira
400 Freestyle Relay - 3. Wyoming 3:48.62, Indian Hill, Mariemont, Madeira
200 Medley Relay - 2. Indian Hill 1:55.13, Mariemont, Taylor, Madeira, Wyoming

50 Freestyle - Devin Edwards (Indian Hill), Dan Edmonson (Indian Hill), William Mennone (Wyoming), Saraus Anand (Indian Hill), Jack Edmonson (Indian Hill)
100 Freestyle - Devin Edwards, William Mennone, Luke Dobson (Madeira), Nick Bulas (Indian Hill), Eli Hogenesel (Wyoming), Logan Kaising (Madeira), Conner Moore (Wyoming)
200 Freestyle - 2. Gibson Holmes (Indian Hill) 1:43.51, 3. Will Taylor (Indian Hill) 1:44.84, Luke Dobson, Philip Fores (Mariemont), Saraus Anand, Nick Cech (Indian Hill) , Will Fahnestock (Mariemont)
500 Freestyle - 2. Will Taylor 4:45.77, Josh Pearson (Indian Hill), William Pettifer (Mariemont), Jack Brunner (Indian Hill), Ben Starkey (Indian Hill)
100 Backstroke - Nick Bulas, Dan Edmonson, Nick Cech, Ben Starkey, Grant Rindels (Madeira), Evan Mennone (Wyoming)
100 Breaststroke - Jonah Mikesell (Mariemont), Logan Kaising, Peter Cangiano (Madeira), Jon Weisfelder (Indian Hill), Eli Hogenesel
100 Butterfly - 3. Gibson Holmes 51.79, Will Ford (Indian Hill), Gabe Yin (Indian Hill), Philip Forbes, Wandrille Bonniol (Indian Hill)
200 IM
Gabe Yin, Will Ford, Josh Pearson, Jonah Mikesell, Peter Cangiano, Jon Weisfelder, Andrew Foley (Mariemont), Quinn Leborgne (Madeira)
200 Freestyle Relay - 1. Indian Hill 1;30.54, Wyoming, Madeira
400 Freestyle Relay - 1. Indian Hill 3:16.65, Wyoming, Madeira, Mariemont
200 Medley Relay - Indian Hill, Madeira, Wyoming, Mariemont

Division II District Swimming Championships will be at Miami University Friday & Saturday. More details in the Website Update later in the week.