Enquirer Fall All Stars Announced


The Cincinnati Enquirer Fall All Stars were announced this week.  The CHL had over 190 athletes & coaches honored.  Nine athletes were Players of the Year for their sport.  Seven coaches were Coach of the Year in their sport, including one coach named twice for boys & girls.
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Division III
1st Team - Harry Hilvert (Taylor), Johnny Kearns (Taylor)
Division IV
Offensive Player of the Year - Evan Prater (
Defensive Player of the Year - Camden O'Gara (Wyoming)
Coach of the Year - Aaron Hancock (Wyoming)
1st Team - Evan Prater, Camden O'Gara, Luke Lundberg (Indian Hill), Harrison Shepherd (Wyoming), Amari Whitehead (Indian Hill), Joop Mitchell (Wyoming)
2nd Team - Tre Lopez (Indian Hill), Elijah McGee (Wyoming), Brennan Pagen (Wyoming)
Honorable Mention - Indian Hill - Charlie DiGennaro, Charlie Lindberg
Division V-VII
1st Team - Lee Megois (Madeira), Tanner Cromer (Reading), Michael Moehring (Mariemont), Seth Greene (Mariemont), Marquan Curtis (Mariemont), Norey Johnson (Deer Park), Eric Hamilton (Deer Park), Dearis Thomas (Deer Park)
2nd Team - Sam Autry (Madeira), Max Spelder (Madeira), Max Megowen (Mariemont), JP Normile (Mariemont)
Honorable Mention - Deer Park - Sean Crockett, Deshaun McEntire, Cody Stidham, Jerry Parson, Reading - Zach Barker

Girls' Tennis
Division II
Singles Player of the Year - Bella Kirby (Indian Hill)
Doubles Players of the Year - Hayley Hirsch/Morgan Coburn (Indian Hill)
Coach of the Year - Gary Samuels (Indian Hill)
Singles 1st Team - Bella Kirby
Singles 2nd Team -Kate 
Taylor (Mariemont), Jenny Zhang (Indian Hill)
Singles Honorable Mention - Alexandra Drosses (Madeira), Bailey Feller (Wyoming)
Doubles 1st Team  - Haley Hirsch/Morgan Coburn, Peyton Osha/Sydney Evans (Wyoming), Jessica August/ Jessie Budde (Indian Hill)
Doubles Honorable Mention - Eva Fischer/Abigail Palmer (Madeira), Melanie Weiss/Lucy Neville (Mariemont), Sophia Dick/Olivia Dick (Wyoming)

Division II
1st Team - Hunter Fry (Indian Hill), Ines Grom (Wyoming)
2n Team - Clarie Carmichael (Wyoming), Maddie Kurtz (Wyoming), Kathy Ning (Indian Hill), Megan Holbrook (Taylor)
Honorable Mention - Wyoming - Kendall Burkes, Ali Cordes, Clarie Craft, Indian Hill - Piper Cowan , Lizzy Burns
Division III-IV
1st Team - Erin Androne (Reading), Sydney Price (Mariemont), Carly Scott (Madeira), Emma Phelps (Reading)
2nd Team - Kyla Hackman (
Reading), Megan Brehse (Mariemont), Marielle Thon (Madeira)
Honorable Mention - Deer Park - Vatary Leland

Boys' Soccer
Division II
Coach of the Year - Adam Jones (Wyoming)
1st Team - Jackson Marques (Wyoming), Sam Renggli (Wyoming), Caleb Tan (Indian Hill), Jesse Levine (Wyoming), Austin Snowden (Wyoming), K
rew Verratti (Indian Hill), Luke Lundberg (Indian Hill)
2nd Team - Bennett Weiherer (Taylor), Ethan Herbert (Wyoming)
Honorable Mention - Taylor - Sammy Linville, Jobie Neidenbach, Drew Pittman, Wyoming - Luke Crockett, Coby Hausfeld
Division III
Player of the Year - Luke Brothers (Mariemont)
1st Team - Luke Brothers, Ben Ramos (Madeira), Jesus Martin (Finneytown), Kyle Croll (Mariemont), Max Schmitz (Madeira), Grant Breit (Madeira)
2nd Team - Jack 
Schwebe (Madeira), Jacob Trusty (Deer Park), Bates Gall (Mariemont)
Honorable Mention - Deer Park - Will Fischer, Devin Trusty, Finneytown - Ben Brueggemeyer, Madeira - Sam Bernicke, Ben Cunningham, Mariemont - Will Stutenroth, Reading - Kyle Smith

Girls' Soccer
Division II
Player of the Year - Ellie Podojil (Indian Hill)
1st Team - Ellie Podojil, Alex Pierson (Taylor), Lydia Jervier (Wyoming), Meghan O'Brien (Indian Hill), Olivia Alperto (
Wyoming), Ashley Bucher (Taylor), Lauren Frey (Indian Hill), Brynn Stokes (Taylor)
2nd Team - Annie Isphording (Indian Hill), Alexis Taylor (Wyoming), Zoe Hindman (Indian Hill)
Honorable Mention - Indian Hill - Maddie Miller, Taylor - Brooke Mullis, Wyoming - Sophie Crockett, Lucy Spera, Vanessa Rossander, Maggie Fitzpatric 
Division III
1st Team - Maddy Murphy (Mariemont), Myah Giordullo (Mariemont), Kenzie Schneeman (Deer Park), Olivia Simpson (Reading), Molly Cochran (Madeira), Kendall Dewey (Mariemont), Payton Koebbe (Reading), Mollie McGuire (Madeira)
2nd Team - Christina Carter (Finneytown), Alivia Naticchioni (Mariemont), Kennedy Torggler (Madeira), Ally Sands (Reading), Ana Garcia (Madeira)
Honorable Mention - Deer Park - Elizabeth Watson, Finneytown - Ally Helms, Mariemont - Ellie Poindexter, Marley Megowen

Boys' Cross Country
Division II
Coach of the Year - Josh Dooley (Madeira)
1st Team - Alex Galbraith (Indian Hill), Nick Lake (Taylor), Diego Arredondo (Madeira), Bradley Corl (Indian Hill), Sam Beeler
 (Mariemont), Ethan Henry (Madeira), Ben Ramos (Madeira), Bennett Turan (Mariemont)
Honorable Mention - Madeira - Calvin Busch, Dylan Whitson, Jacob Gaffney, Reading - Nate Grant, Wyoming - Andrew Stoppenhagen, Nico Arraje

Girls' Cross Country
Division II
Runner of the Year - Elizabeth 
Whaley (Indian Hill)
Coach of the Year - Sue Savage (Indian Hill)
1st Team - Elizabeth Whaley, Lily Bauer (Mariemont), Tiffany Chen (Wyoming), Hayden Withers (Indian Hill), Sylvia Coyle (Wyoming), Ashleigh Prugh (Indian Hill), Erin Kelly (Mariemont), Claudia Hollander (Indian Hill), Kiersten Sanders (Mariemont), Amy Prugh (Indian Hill)
Honorable Mention - Indian Hill - Louisa Klasamer, Ellie Bayless, Mariemont  - Bridget Gilmore, Elyse Kelly, Melanie Oliveria, Marly Valentine, Wyoming - Molly Glover, Maggie Simmons, Emma Bergman
Division III
Coach of the Year - Josh Dooley (Madeira)
1st Team - Madeira - Izzy Arredondo, Claire Leary, Maddie 
Siebert, Rosie Davis, Emma Beck

Boys' Golf
Division II
Player of the Year - Jack Neville (Mariemont)
Coach of the Year - Darrell Calloway (Mairemont)
1st Team - Jack Neville, Tyler Heekin (Indian Hill), Thomas Stickney (Wyoming), Peter Sheakley (Indian Hill), Will Heekin (Indian Hill), Sam Black (Wyoming), Andrew Getgey (Mairemont), Brandon Conner (Madeira)
2nd Team - Wyatt Higgins (Indian Hill), Tom Buchert (Mariemont), Max Northrop (Mariemont), Clay Van Fossen (Wyoming), Adiann DeLange (Wyoming)
Honorable Mention - Madeira - Grant Rindels, Mariemont - Will Glassmeyer, Wyoming - Sam Randman

Girls' Golf
Division II
Coach of the Year - Terry Sheehan (Wyoming)
1st Team - Samara Dulin (Wyoming), Victory Lee (
2nd Team - Sophia Dulin (Wyoming), Annabelle Walton (Wyoming)

Field Hockey
1st Team - Jorie Alf (Indian Hill)