Soccer/Volleyball All State Selections


A total of 13 from the CHL were honored with all state selections in soccer and volleyball.

Girls' Soccer
Monica Brown from Indian Hill was named Division II Assistant Coach of the Year.
Division II
First Team - Lydia Jervier (Wyoming), Ellie Podojil (Indian Hill)
Second Team - Alex Pierson (Taylor)
Division III
First Team - Myah Giordullo (Mariemont)

Boys' Soccer
Division II
First Team - Caleb Tan (Indian Hill)
Second Team - Jesse Levine (Wyoming), Austin Snowden (Wyoming), Krew Verratti (Indian Hill)
Division III
First Team - Luke Brothers (Mariemont), Ben Ramos (Madeira)

Girls' Volleyball
Division II
Second Team - Hunter Fry (Indian Hill), Ines Grom (Wyoming)