History Of Taylor


Taylor High School is only one in the league that is in a district with a different name.  The Three Rivers Local School District is the largest in area of the league districts.  It is also the most diverse in that it covers multiple communities.   Miami Township makes up most of the area of the district.  It was laid out as a township in 1791 by John Cleves Symmes. It should be noted that Symmes surveyed most of what is today Hamilton County.  In 1789, Symmes founded the settlement of North Bend, which was incorporated as a village in 1874. Cleves was laid out in 1818 by William Henry Harrison.  Addyston was incorporated in 1891.  Today, Miami Township has about 15,700 population.  Cleves has 3300 people, Addyston just under 1000, & North Bend about 850.  If you are wondering what the three rivers are in the district, they are the Ohio, Great Miami, & Whitewater.

Taylor High School dates back to 1926.  For the last several years, the Three Rivers district had 2 elementary schools, a middle school, and the high school.  At least three of the buildings were better than 50 years old.  This all changed in the fall of 2013 when the Three Rivers Campus opened.  Kindergarten through 12th grade are on a campus setting near the Great Miami River in Cleves. The sports complex, known as the Field of Dreams, opened for the 2014-2015 school year.

Some interesting Taylor facts...  North Bend is the only town in America to have had a president born there and one buried there.  William Henry Harrison, the man who served the shortest time as president (one month), is buried overlooking the Ohio River.  His grandson Benjamin Harrison, who served as president in the late 1800's, was born in North Bend.  Also buried in the school district is John Scott Harrison, the only man to be a son of a president and a father of a president.