Nine Cross Country Teams, Two Individuals Advance To Regional Cross Country


Nine League teams, five girls & four boys, plus two individual runners will be moving on to the regional cross country championships.  The Division II & III district meets were held at Voice of America Park Saturday.  

Division II Race 1
Indian Hill finished 1st with 25 points.  Elizabeth Whaley was 1st out of 53 runners with a time of 18:52.1. Hayden Withers was 4th, Ashleigh Prugh 5th, Claudia Hollander 7th, & Amy Prugh 8th,. The 6th & 7th runners for the Braves were Ellie Bayless (13th) and Louisa Klaserner (14th).  Also qualifying was 3rd place Taylor.  The Yellowjackets were led by Megan Fox's 10th place finish.  Mya Bross was 19th.  Rounding out the Taylor scoring were Anglea Caldwell, Julia Gooding, & Alyssa Henderson.  Anna Bracken and Grace Pastrick were the 6th & 7th Yellowjackets runners.  Jessica Sanders was the top runner for Finneytown and Kiera Bailey was the top runner for Reading.
Division II Race 2
Mariemont was 1st with 34 points. Lily Bauer was 1st out of 51 runners with a time of 18:51.2. The freshman was over one minute ahead of 2nd place.  Elyse Kelly was 5th, Erin Kelly 6th, Bridget Gilmore 10th, & Melanie Oliveira 14th.  Marley Valentine was the 6th runner for the Warriors. Wyoming was a close 2nd with 40 points.  Tiffany Chen was runner-up.  Sylvia Coyle was 3rd, Maggie Simpson 9th, Emma Bergman 11th, Molly Glover 18th.  Lauren Hudepohl and Mia O'Leary were the 6th & 7th runners for the Cowboys.
Division III
Madeira finished 1st with 39 points.  Maddy Liebert  was 3rd out of 71 runners.  Izzy Arredondo was 5th, Claire Leroy 6th, Rosie Davis 12th, & Emma Beck 15th.  Caroline Widmeyer & Maggie Sampson were the 6th & 7th runners for the Amazons.

Divison II Race 1
League teams took all three regional qualifying places.  Madeira was 1st with 28 points,  Diego Arredondo was 1st out of 66 runners with a time of 16:21.  Dylan Whitson was 5th, Ben Ramos 6th, Ethan Henry 7th, & Calvin Busch 9th.  Luke Mitchell (12th) was the 6th runner for the Mustangs.  Brock Shults was the 7th runner.  Indian Hill was 2nd with 52 points.  Bradley Corl led the Braves with a 3rd place finish.  Alex Galbraith was 4th, Griffin Wenker 13th, Marc-Aurele Lallement 14th, & Spencer Mangialardo 17th.  Nick Gillan and Jack Taylor were the 6th & 7th runners for the Braves.  Wyoming finished 3rd with 89 points.  Andrew Stoppenhagen was 11th & Sam Williams 14th.  Rounding out the Cowboy scoring were Josh Parker, Max Arraje, & Nico Arraje.  Charlie Lenk and Ben Parker were the 6th & 7th runners for the Cowboys.
Division II Race 2
Mariemont finished 1st with 48 points.  Sam Beeler was runner-up out of 61 runners. Bennet Turan was 6th, Santi Biro 10th, Henry Buck 14th, & Andrew Chen 20th.  The 6th & 7th runners for the Warriors were Casey Duty and Nick Morgan.  Taylor was 5th.  Although the Yellowjackets did not qualify as a team, Nick Lake did, finishing 5th.  Nate Grant of Reading will also be moving on to regionals finishing 4th.

The regional championships will be held at Troy next Saturday.  More information will be posted in the weekly update mid week.