Nerl Received National Recognition


Mariemont Athletic Director Tom Nerl has received a top professional honor from the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) at the 2019 National Athletic Directors Conference in Washington DC.  Tom earned the NIAAA "Distinguished Service Award". Nerl has been the AD at Mariemont for 15 years.  Before that, he was Purcell Marian's Athletic Director for 3 years.  He has been very active in the NIAAA on the state & national level.  Nerl has been an officer in the Southwest District, including president from 2013-2105.  He currently oversees the Mentorship program for Ohio's Southwest District.  On the national level He has been an active member on the Hall of Fame and Mentoring committees and was a national workshop moderator from 2014-2018.  He also has been a Leadership Training Institute instructor at both at the state and national levels.  Tom has received numerous other honors over the years including 2010 Southwest District AD of the Year, 2012 "Ohio Award of Merit" and the Southwest Ohio "Citation", "Distinguished Service", & "Professional Development" awards.

Congratulations Tom from all of us at the Cincinnati Hill League!
Check Titter for pictures of Tom receiving his award.