The New School Year Is Getting Close


The summer is going fast and the new school year is approaching.  Official practices for the fall sports will begin on Thursday, August 1st. If you have been following Twitter, you know that our fall sports teams have been busy this summer with camps, conditioning, and tournaments. Golf will actually have their first regular season matches the first week of August.

About 75% of the fall schedules are posted.  Some schools have not finalized some of their schedules.  All schedules should be posted by the 2nd week of August.

This will be the 35th year for the Cincinnati Hills League. It started in the fall of 1985 with nine charter schools.  In 1989, Taylor joined making it a ten school league.  It remain that way till the 1994 when CAPE close their high school.  The following year, Loveland left for the Fort Ancient League.  Since the fall of 1995, the league not seen any changes in schools. It is the longest period of time with no changes than any other league in Southwestern Ohio, maybe the the whole state.  The CHL website will be starting its 14th year.  There are 20 different sports that are recognized as CHL league sports.  We cover three non league sports, one of those being girls golf. We hope to add two more league sports this coming spring as boys & girls lacrosse becomes more popular with the league schools.

Our first fall weekly update will be posted on Monday, August 5.