Update On The CHL This Summer


As I post this, it has been almost a month since the 2018-2019 varsity season came to a close.  But June has been a busy month for the league schools.  If you have been following Twitter, you know that several schools and sports have been having camps.  More are scheduled for July.  Conditioning will start in July in most sports.  The first official fall practices will begin on August 1st.

Two of our league schools having a "redo".  One is just getting started and other is in the finishing stages. 
A large part of Mariemont High School is getting major renovation.  Construction has started on Phase 1 which will be mostly new classrooms.   In June of 2020, Phase 2 will begin with renovation of the arts/athletics wing. Both projects are scheduled for completion in August of 2021.  During the construction time there will be many changes in the Mariemont High School campus.  Twenty two temporary classrooms are being installed in the parking lot next to the football stadium entrance. New parking has been installed on the campus grounds.
The last two years, construction has been progressing on the new Reading K-12 campus.  Things are wrapping up.  Staff are scheduled to move in during August.  School will start a little later this year, right after Labor Day.  Check out Twitter for pictures of both projects.

Check out available coaching positions.  Some new ones have been posted this summer.

We have kept many of the major stories from the past school year.  They are under older stories.  Check them out again. Many good memories in those stories. They will remain on the site through July.  We hope by August 1st to have football, soccer, golf, & volleyball schedules posted.

Meanwhile, enjoy your summer and keep coming back to the website for new stories and to look at the old stories.