District Qualifiers For CHL Swimming


CHL swimming teams competed at three different sectional site to see who will move on to the district championships.  In each individual event, the top 2 in each section automatically moved on.  Another 24 at large, based on their time, also moved on.  The relays also had two automatic qualifiers and 14 at large teams based on times.  The top eight district seeds in each event will be recognized.  A list of other district qualifiers will follow.
Sectional Team Scores:
Mason - 6. Madeira 201
Keating - 1. Wyoming 539, 5. Taylor 207, 8. Finneytown
Princeton - 1. Mariemont 511, 2. Indian Hill 391
Mason - 3. Madeira 251, 14. Reading
Keating - 2. Wyoming 323, 4. Taylor 174.5
Princeton - 1. Indian Hill 494, 2. Mariemont 412

Division II Girls

League teams had two number one seeds and just missed a third one.  Cora Dupre of Mariemont has the #1 seed in the 200 Freestyle.  Her time of 1:50.03 is almost 4 seconds faster than 2nd place.  Dupree was state champ in the 200 Freestyle in 2017.  Last year, she was state champ in the 50 & 100 Freestyles.  She is the #2 seed in the 100, only .02 behind the top seed.  Dupre, also with Katarina Decamp, Lainey Newman, & Erin 
Kelly, have the top seed in the 200 Freestyle Relay.  Other top eight seeds:
50 Freestyle - Isabella Pivor (Indian Hill), Mia Hagenauer (Wyoming), Katarina Decamp
100 Freestyle - Emma Fortman (Madeira)
500 Freestyle - Mikaela Elliott (Wyoming), Jillian Rice (Indian Hill) Libby Spera (Wyoming)
100 Backstroke - Emma Fortman, Elizabeth Bonnell (Mariemont)
100 Breaststroke - Kathy Zhao (Indian Hill), Mackenzie Heidkamp (Taylor), Jacqueline Young (Mariemont)
100 Butterfly - Jillian Rice, Jasmin Lay (Indian Hill)
200 IM - Catherine Geary (Mariemont)
200 Freestyle Relay - Wyoming (Mikala Elliott, Victoria Chesson, Mia Hagenauer, Brianna 
Connick), Indian Hill (Isabella Pivor, Kathy Zhao, Jasmin Lau, Jillian Rice)
400 Freestyle Relay - Mariemont (Elizabeth Bonnell, Newman, Dupre, Catherine Geary), Wyoming (Libby Spera, Phoebe Covale, Hagenauer, Elliott), Indian Hill (Brianna Yin, Anna Palen, Liv Riggs, Rice)
200 Medley Relay - Indian Hill ( Lau, Yin, Pivor, Zhao), Mariemont ( Bonnell, Decamp, Geary, Kate Overbey), Wyoming (Katie Obringer, Chesson, Spera, Connock) 
Other District Qualifiers:
Indian Hill - Maggie Jutze, Jessica Chan, Hayden Withers, Caroline Sullivan

Madeira - Helen Lewis, Izzy Eans, Ava Cunningham
Mariemont - Kate McIntosh, Abby Scheeser, Grace Bohl, Ellie Lewis, Sarah Forbes, Margot Baumgartner, Daniela Decamp, Kady Rasmussen
Taylor - Emma Neiheisel, Madeline Vogel, Madyson Kauffman, Madison Hedrick
Wyoming - Dorian Miller, Emma Savage, Abigail Shores, Chloe Constantinides

Division II Boys
League swimmers have three #1 seeds.  Ian Mikesell is #1 in the 100 Breaststroke in 59.62.  Devin Edwards (Indian Hill) is #1 in the 100 Freestyle in 49.66. The Indian Hill 200 Freestyle Relay (Will Taylor, Dan Edmonson, Devin Edwards, Gabe Yin) is #1 seed with a time of 1:31.31.  Other top eight seeds:
50 Freestyle - Dan 
Edmonson, Devin Edwards, Nathan Quante (Madeira)
100 Freestyle - David Stevenson (Madeira), Dan 
Edmonson, Nick Bulas (Indian Hill), William Mennone (Wyoming)
200 Freestyle - Will Taylor
500 Freestyle - Will Taylor, Josh Pearson (Indian Hill) 
100 Backstroke - Jackson Comer (Mariemont), Nick Bulas
200 IM - Ian Mikesell, Will Ford (Indian Hill), Josh Pearsom
200 Freestyle Relay - Mariemont (Ian Mikesell, Jackson Comer, Philip Forbes, Jonah Mikesell), Madeira
(David Stevenson, Luke Dobson, Nathan Quante, Armen Krikorian)
400 Freestyle Relay - Indian Hill (Edwards, Pearson, Taylor, Nick Bulas ), Madeira (Stevenson, Dobson, Quante, Logan Kaising)
200 Medley Relay - Indian Hill (Bulas, Yin, 
Edmonton, Will Ford), Mariemont (I. Mikesell, J. Mikesell, Forbes, Comer), Madeira (Dobson, Stevenson, Kaising, Quante)
Other District Qualifiers:
Indian Hill - Saraus Anand, Tommy Tauer, Owen Norwell, Florian Helming, Ben Starkey, Jon Weisfelder
Madeira - Peter Cangiano
Mariemont - Will Fahnestock, Davis Schmit, Andrew Foley
Reading - Nate Grant
Wyoming - Connor Moore, Ike Wickstrom, Max Schirra, Quinn Nyberg

The Division II District Championships will be at Miami University on Friday.  The Boys will be at 10:45 am.  The girls will be at 5:45. The top two in each event automatically move on to the state meet.  Sixteen at large for each event throughout the state will also qualify.