Prater, D4 Player Of The Year, 17 Others All State


Junior Evan Prater of Wyoming was named the Ohio Division IV Offensive Player of the Year.  Besides Prater, senior Joey Edmonds was named to 1st Team Offense.  On Division IV 1st Team Defense, senior Jalan Thornton of Indian Hill and senior Hasan Black of Wyoming were named.  Making D4 Special Mention All State were senior Dimetrious (Indian Hill), senior Pierson Rogers (Wyoming), senior Eli Cupp (Wyoming), senior Joe Oakes (Indian Hill) , junior Luke Lundberg (Indian Hill), senior John Mark Williams (Indian Hill), & junior Chalrie DiGennero (Indian Hill).
In Division V, Charlie Cowart of Mariemont was 2nd Team Offense.  Division V Special Mention were junior Tanner Cromer (Reading), junior Marquan Curtis (Mariemont), & senior Gabe VanSkaik (Reading).
In Division VI, three Deer Park Players made Special Mention; senior Dae'von Bryant, senior Joe Hocker, & senior Colin Colyer.