CHL Profile - Mary Englert


We are beginning a new feature for the website called CHL Profile.  It will look closer at CHL athlete and/or coaches.  Many of the people that we cover you have seen their name numerous times on stories and in the stats.  In this new feature, we will find out more about them.

Our first athlete that we will cover is Mary Englert from Madeira.  Mary is the daughter of Meg Apke & Mark Englert.  She has two brothers, Eddie (20) & Vinnie (16).  Mary is a 2018 graduate of Madeira High School with a 3.5 GPA and will be attending the University of Pikeville in Kentucky.  Her major will be education and she will be playing basketball for the Bears.  During high school, Mary participated in four varsity sports: Soccer, Basketball, Softball, & Lacrosse.  She received several awards in those sports:
Soccer - 1st Team CHL twice, 2nd Team CHL, 1st Team Southwest Ohio twice
Basketball - 1st Team CHL three times, 2nd Team CHL, CHL Player of the Year twice, 1st Team Southwest District, 2nd Team Southwest District, Madeira girls all time leading scorer.
Softball - 1st Team CHL, Honorable Mention CHL
Lacrosse - Honorable Mention

I had a question and answer with Mary:
SID - What did you choose the University of Pikeville?
Mary - I decided to go to Pikeville because of the coach and the size of the school.  I'm happy to be staying somewhat close to home.  I can't wait to start practices and to get to know the team better.
SID - What other activities were you involved while in high school?
Mary - U4U (Unified for Uganda), Key Club, French Club, Art Club, Foods Club
SID - What do like to do outside of school?
Mary - I like to swim, go to parks, & hang out with friends.
SID - Not a lot of athlete these days are in three sports.  You were actually in four.  What do you se as the advantages of doing multi sports?
Mary - Playing multi sports had many advantages like different friend groups and always staying busy and in shape, which helps to prevent injuries.
SID - Two of those sports, softball & lacrosse, were in the same season.  How did you balance competing in both sports?
Mary - Balancing both sports wasn't hard especially as a senior.  You don't have a much homework as you did previous years.  I would go two hours after school to softball practice, then go home for an hour for dinner, and back for two hours of lacrosse practice.  It wasn't difficult. I was use to staying busy.
SID - Age-wise, you are right in the middle of your two brothers.  Did they play a part in your pursuit of sports?
Mary - My brothers did play a part in my pursuit of sports.  They made me become a big competitor.  My brothers made me stronger and a better athlete. 
SID - Who is your biggest influence in school/sports?
Mary - My biggest influence has been my grandma.  She is my Number 1 fan!
SID - Go back to the night you broke the school record in scoring in basketball and take us through what it was like.
Mary - When I broke the record, I had so many emotions.  I was proud, excited, ecstatic, but also sad.  It was like a celebration of my high school career coming to an end.  There were so many people there.  I am happy I got to go to Madeira and have such a supportive community.
SID - Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Mary -Five years from now I see myself graduating from Pikeville and maybe moving back to Madeira.

Congratulations to Mary for her great high school career and good luck at Pikevile and beyond!