CHL Swimmers/Divers Well Respresentive At State Championships


Now that all of the at large swimmers have been determined, league swimmers will be plentiful at the state meet this week.  At least two swimmers and one diver have a good chance to win state titles.  Part of the following story was posted on Saturday.  It is updated with the at-large swimmers.  Also, any swimmer seeded at state in the top 10 will have their seed in ( ).

CHL Swimming/Diving teams had two district champs and five other in the top ten in the Division II District Championships at Miami University. The top two in each swimming event automatically qualify for the state championships.  There will be 16 others at large, based on time, in each event from the four district meets.

Mariemont scored 301 points and easily won the district.  Wyoming was 3rd with 203.5 points.  Indian Hill was 6th & Madeira 9th. Taylor was 20th.  League teams had 8 automatic state qualifiers.
As we reported last week, Cora Dupre of Mariemont was not going to defend her 200 Freestyle state title this year.  Instead the junior took another direction with the 50 Freestyle, 100 Freestyle, and two relays. Dupre won the 50 in district record 22.79.  She set a 2nd district record in the 100 with a 49.83.  Cora is seeded 1st in each race at the state meet.  Emma Fortman of Madeira was 2nd in the 50 Freestyle & seeded 4th at state. Kate Overbey (Mariemont) was 2nd in the 100 Breaststroke and is seeded 5th at state. Mariemont sweep the three relays.  They won the 200 Freestyle with a time of 1:37.80 (5).  Members are Dupre, Lainey Newman, Erin Kelly, & Katarina DeCamp.  The 400 Freestyle time was 3:33.93 (4).  Members are Newman, Overbey, Brooke Woellert, & Catherine Geary.  The 200 Medley time was 1:47.24 (3).  Members are Dupre, Woellert, Overbey, & DeCamp. The Wyoming 200 Freestyle Relay of Mia Hugenauer, Mikaela Elliott, Libby Spera, Sabrina Chu was 2nd (8).
Other state qualifiers:
200 Freestyle - Elliott(8), Becca Prangley (Wyoming), Catherine Geary (Mariemont)
200 IM - Overbey (7), Woellert
100 Butterfly - Jillian Rice (Indian Hill)
100 Freestyle - Newman (8), Fortman (10)
500 Freestyle - Elliott (9), Rice
100 Backstroke - Wollert (7), Newman (8)
200 Medley Relay - Indian Hill (Rice, Liv Riggs, Jasmin Lau, Brianna Yin), Wyoming (Hugenauer, Spera, Katie Obringer, Grayce Akers)
400 Freestyle Relay- Wyoming (9) (Elliott, Prangley, Chu, Brianna Connock), Indian Hill (Lau, Yin, Rice, Riggs)

Indian Hill won the district title with 248 points.  It was 44 points better than 2nd place Seven Hills.  Wyoming was 3rd with 203 points.  Mariemont was 4th with 198 points.  Madeira was 13th.  The boys were automatic qualifiers for state in three events.  Oddly enough, Indian Hill did not have any automatic qualifiers.  Mariemont has two.  Ian Mikesell won the 100 Breaststroke in 56.62.  He just missed breaking the district record. Mikesell is the 1st seed at the state meet. The Warrior 200 Freestyle Relay team of Mikesell, Jackson Comer, Gabe Hartnett, & Nick McCarthy finished 1st in 1:28.16 (5th).  The Wyoming 400 Freestyle Relay team of Holden Jurell, Max Schirra, Will Jordan, & Phil Brocker was 2nd (9).
Other state qualifiers:
200 Freestyle - Chet Dobson (Madeira), Max Eihausen (Indian Hill), Will Taylor (Indian Hill), Holden Jurell (Wyoming)
200 IM - Mikesell, William Jordan (Wyoming), Nick Denson (Wyoming)
50 Freestyle - Brocker, Devin Edwards (Indian Hill), McCarthy
100 Butterfly - Comer, Jurell
100 Freestyle - Brocker, McCarthy
500 Freestyle - Eihausen (5), Will Taylor (Indian Hill), C. Dobson, David Stevenson (Madeira)
100 Backstroke - Nick Bulas (Indian Hill) (9), Jordan, Comer
100 Breaststroke - Denson (7)
200 Medley Relay - Only 1.3 seconds seperate the three league teams. Wyoming (10) (Jurell, Jordan, Denson, Brocker), Mariemont (Comer, Mikesell, McCarthy, Schmit), Indian Hill (Eihausen, Sam Okum, Dan Edmondson, Joe Dowling)
200 Freestyle Relay - Indian Hill (9) (Bulas, Eihausen, Edmondson, Edwards)
400 Freestyle Relay - Indian Hill (Bulas, Okum, Taylor, Edwards), Madeira (C. Dobson, Stevenson, Luke Dobson, Nathan Quante)

Four divers have top ten seeds in D2 diving.  Lexi Magenheim (Indian Hill) is the 6th seed.  Defending champ Noah Vigran of Indian Hill is seeded 1st by 108 points better than 2nd place.  Iiusha Gerasimchuk of Wyoming is the 3rd seed, only .15 point out of 2nd.  Nathan Cox of Mariemont is seeded 6th. Kyleigh Spang (Mariemont), Adrienne Storer (Wyoming), Jacob Cox (Mariemont), & Pasha Gerasimchuk (Wyoming) will also be the diving championships. The divers compete on Wednesday. The girls will be at 9:00am and the boys at 2:00.

Division II swimming prelims will be on Thursday at 5:00.  The state finals will be Friday at 5:00. 
As they have been for several years, the State Swimming & Diving Championships
are being held at C.T. Branin Natatorium in Canton.