Final Weekly Polls 2/21


The polls are the Enquirer Coach's Polls and state polls.
In the final state boys' Division III Basketball AP Poll, Deer Park finished 2nd.
All city polls are final.

Girls' Basketball
Division II
no teams in top ten
Division III
3. Madeira, 5. Mariemont
Boys' Basketball
Division II
4. Indian Hill, 7. Wyoming
Division III
1. Deer Park, 4. Madeira, 6.Reading, T9. Mariemont
Division II-III
5. Reading, 6. Indian Hill
Girls' Swimming/Diving
Division II
4. Mariemont, 9. Taylor
Boys' Swimming/Diving
Division II
3. Indian Hill, 5. Wyoming, 8. Mariemont, 9. Madeira
Girls' Bowling
Division II
1. Deer Park, 9. Reading T10. Taylor
Boys' Bowling
Division II
1. Taylor, T5. Deer Park, T7. Reading