Football, Soccer, Volleyball District/State Honors


Several league players & coaches have been recognized on the district and state levels in football, soccer, & volleyball.

Soccer- State Level
Girls Division II
Anna Podojil (IndianHill) Ms Soccer & Player of the Year
Amy Dunlap (Indian Hill) Coach of the Year
1st Team
Anna Podojil, Morgan Jackson (Indian Hill), Kayla Dewey (Mariemont)
Girls Division III
Chloe Masys (Madeira)
Boys Division II
Bill Mees (Indian Hill) Coach of the Year
1st Team
Adam Mutasim (Indian Hill)
Boys Division III
1st Team
Ryan Lienhart (Madeira)

Volleyball District 16 
Division II
Jim DeLong (Wyoming) Coaches Achievement Award
1st Team
Ines Grom (Wyoming), Lydia Kurtz (Wyoming), Bridget Lanham (Taylor), Teensy Zang (Indian Hill)
2nd Team
Megan Finley (Taylor), Kathy Ning (Indian Hill)
3rd Team
Hunter Fry (Indian Hill), Audrey Stevens (Wyoming), Sami Weis (Wyoming)
Division III/IV
Tess Mitchell Division III Player of the Year
Jen Bracken (Madeira) Coaches Achievement Award
1st Team
Tess Mitchell, Erin Androne (Reading)
2nd Team
Emma Fortman (Madeira)
3rd  Team
Kassidy Piron (Reading)

Football Southwest District
Division IV
Pierson Rogers (Wyoming) Offensive Player of the Year
1st Team
Pierson Rogers, Evan Prater (Wyoming), Eli Cupp (Wyoming), Sergio Listo (Wyoming), Hansan Black (Wyoming), Jalen Thornton (Indian Hill), James Smith (Wyoming), Cam O'Gara (Wyoming), Mick Oakes (Indian Hill)
2nd Team
Mykal Bright (Indian Hill), Joey Edmonds (Wyoming), Miles Smith (Wyoming)
Honorable Mention
Steve Bledsoe (Taylor), Logan Persson (Indian Hill)
Division V
1st Team
Mancini Jackson (Reading), Andy Combs (Reading), Charlie Coward (Mariemont)
2nd Team
Adryian Simmons (Reading), Alec Vianello (Mariemont), Jack Cravaack (Madeira), Adam Wieczorek (Madeira), Tanner Connor (Reading), Marshown Curtis (Mariemont), Matt Gelhaus (Madeira), Aiden Asbrock (Reading), Jacob Gunner (Mariemont), Justin Dreyling (Reading)
Honorable Mention
Luis Hernandes (Mariemont), Gabe Van Skaik (Reading)