Let The Fall Season Begin!


This fall season, we will be adding girls' golf to the website.  Only three schools, Madeira, Taylor, & Wyoming, have teams so it will not be a league sport.  Fall is our busiest time of the year.  There are six league sports with two of those sports having boys' and girls' teams.  Add girls' golf and field hockey (Indian Hill), we will feature as many as 10 sports throughout the next few months.

This school year will see some changes in the league schools.  Two schools, Deer Park & Finneytown, have new athletic directors. You will be learning more about them soon. Reading will have a new home for two years.  They are going the way of Taylor building a new K-12 campus.  The site will be Reading High School. The school that was opened in the early 1960's is coming down this summer along with about a half a dozen nearby homes.  The new campus is schedule to open in the fall of 2019.  Meanwhile, Reading High School will going to the Central Elementary/Middle School building.  Actually  the high school is coming back home.  The Central Building was the high school for many years before moving to the hilltop location.  The Blue Devils will have temporary sites for volleyball, basketball, & wrestling for the next two years.  Finally, one league school will be paying a visit to Disney World in October for a huge cross country meet.  More on that in a few weeks.