CHL Sports Year Comes To An End This Weekend


The curtain comes down this weekend on the CHL sports year.  And it could end up being a pretty spectacular close.  In the 2016-2017 year, the league has had three state champions, two swimmers and a diver.  This weekend has a chance to double the total or more.  Indian Hill girls and Mariemont boys are in the first ever OHSAA Division II Lacrosse Championship games Saturday.  Both teams have a decent shot at winning their titles.  At the state track & field championships at least three athletes are seeded 4th or better in five events.  One is seeded 1st and another 1" from first.  Seed the related stories on lacrosse and track & field.  Keep an eye on the website for stories and also check out Twitter for updates.   Meanwhile, good luck to our remaining athletes this season.