District Track & Field Sunday Update


As they have done in past years, CHL track & field teams did great at the Division II/III district championships at New Richmond High School.
In Division II girls, Indian Hill was district champ with 84 points.  Wyoming was 4th (61), Mariemont 5th (60), & Taylor 6th (59).  Madeira was 14th & Finneytown 18th.
In Division III girls, Reading was 4th with 39 points.  Deer Park was 12th.
In Division II boys Section 1, Indian Hill was 4th with 68 points.  Wyoming was tied for 5th (59) & Madeira was 8th (44).
In Division II boys Section 2, Taylor was district runner-up with 98 points.  Reading was 6th (60) & Mariemont 9th (36).  Finneytown was 12th.
In Division III boys, Deer Park was 7th with 44 points.

The Division II/III District Track & Field were held on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday.  The top four from each event will qualify for the regional meet.

The girls had field event finals on Tuesday.
Division II
Six athletes in five events will move on to the regional meet. Marley Manigault of Wyoming was district champ in the Discus (111'5) and Shot Put (35'6.5).  Kylee Draughn of Taylor was 4th in the Discus & 2nd in the Shot Put.  Sister Alli Draughn was 3rd in the Shot Put.  Elizabeth Voss of Taylor was 2nd in the High Jump.  Louisa Klaserner of Indian Hill was 3rd in the Long Jump.  Zoe Elliott of Wyoming was 3rd in Pole Vault.
Division III
Hope Nelson of Reading was 4th in the long jump.

The Division II/III boys had running prelims and one event final, the 4 x 800 Relay.
Division II Section 1
2. Indian Hill (Ben Bayless, John Giroux, Patrick Giroux, Devin Heffernan), 3. Wyoming (Jack Schwartz, Max Schim, Matt Lautner, Jack Komrska)
Division II Section 2
2. Taylor (Brad Greene, Jacob Picklesimer, Nic Triplett, Logan Workman)

The boys had field events on Thursday.
Division II Section 1
Jacob Hancock of Wyoming was a district champion in the Pole Vault (11').  Connor O'Brien of Wyoming was 3rd in Discus & 4th in Shot Put. Teammate Max Maisel was 4th in the Discus.  In the High Jump, Alex Cedillo of Madeira was 2nd & Zach VanFossen of Wyoming was 3rd.
Division II Section 2
Three of the five events were won by Reading athletes.  Nate Stidham won the Shot Put (51' 1/2") & Discus (153'6).  Justin Dreyling won the long jump (21'9.75).  Garrett Murphy of Taylor was 4th in the Discus & Shot Put. Teammate Ethan Voelker was 3rd in the Shot Put.  Alonzo Sanchez of Taylor was 3rd in the High Jump & 4th in the Long Jump.  Chris Batsakis of Taylor was 4th in the Pole Vault.
Division III
Xavier Pena of Deer Park was district champ in the Shot Put (37'8.5). Teammate Colin Colyer was 4th in the Shot Put.  Evan Schramm (Deer Park) was 3rd in the High Jump.

Division II/III girls had running prelims and one event final, 4 x 800 Relay.
Division II
Three of the four spots in the 4 x 800 Relay for the regionals were league schools. Wyoming (Whitley Elsass, Tiffany Chen, Riley Bahr, Katy Vanatsky) was district champ with a time of 10:16.21.  Madeira (Cosette Busch, Tess Mitchell, Kennedy Torggler, Becca Shinkle) was 2nd.  Finishing 3rd was Indian Hill (Ashleigh Prugh, Amy Prugh, Hannah Mendelsohn, Samantha Lee)

Girls Division II
100 Hurdles - 3. Carson Fields (Mariemont), 4. Jessie LaKamp (Taylor)
100 Dash - 1. Anna Podojil (Indian Hill, 12.19), 2. Carson Fields
4 x 200 Relay - 1. Indian Hill (Anna Podojil, Ellie Podojil, Karen Folz, Margo David , 1:46.01)
1600 Runs - 1. Corinne Fanta (Mariemont, 5:14.21), 3. Ashleigh Prugh, 4. Tiffany Chen
400 Dash - 1. Anna Podojil (56.32), 2. Marin Valentine (Mariemont), 4. Ava Batsel (Wyoming)
300 Hurdles - 2. Carson Fields, 3. Ellie Podojil, 4. Jessie Lakamp
800 Run - 3. Amy Prugh
200 Dash - 1. Anna Podojil (24.90)
3200 Run - 2. Whitley Elsass (Wyoming)
4 x 400 Relay - 1. Mariemont (Marin Valentine, Carson Fields, Riley Dunne, Corinne Fanta, 4:07.36), 2. Indian Hill (Loisa Klaserner, Ellie Podjil, Ashleigh Prugh, Margo David), 4, Madeira (Ellie Paxton, Becca Shinkle, Tess Mitchell, Kennedy Torggler)
Division III
100 Hurdles - 2. Hope Nelson (Reading)

Boys Division II/III

Division II Section 1
110 Hurdles 4. Mykel Bright (Indian Hill)
1600 Run -4. Jack Schwartz (Wyoming)
400 Dash - 3. West Gardner (Indian Hill)
300 Hurdles - 2. Spenser Cox (Maderia), 4. Mykel Bright
800 Run - 3. Patrick Giroux (Indian Hill)
3200 Run 1. Ben Bayless (Indian Hill 9:54.98, school record), 3. Devin Heffernan (Indian Hill)
4 x 400 Relay 3. Indian Hill (Mykel Bright, Johnny Giroux, Nolan Heffernan, West Gardner), 4. Madeira (Spenser Cox, Ben Cunninghan, Eric Cummings, Greg Seaman)
Division II Section 2
110 Hurdles - 3. Issia Johsnon-Sienou (Reading), 4. Derrick Deidesheimer (Taylor)
100 Dash - 3. Alec Vianello (Mariemont)
1600 Run - 1. Chase Grauel (Taylor 4:38.98), 4. Drew Goheen (Mariemont)
4 x 100 Relay - 4. Reading (Keonte Sanders, Gabe Vanskaik, Issia Johnson-Sienout, Justin Dreyling)
400 Dash - 3. Gabe Vanskaik
300 Hurdles - 4. Justin Dreyling
800 Run - 1. Brad Greene (Taylor 1:59.26)
200 Dash - 3. Gabe Vanskaik
3200 Run - 2. Nick Lake (Taylor), 4. Chase Grauel
4 x 400 Relay - 3. Taylor (Brad Greene, Nic Triplett, Jacob Picklesimer, Logan Workman)
Division III
400 - 3. David Comorata (Deer Park), 4. Evan Schramm (Deer Park)
4 x 400 Relay - 4. Deer Park (David Comorata, Evan Schramm, Clay Berling, David Bilbrey)

The Division II Regional Championships will be at Piqua High School on Thursday & Saturday.  Thursday will start at 5:00 & Saturday at 11:00 am. 
Division III Regional Championships will be at Troy High School on Wednesday & Friday.  The meet will start at 5:00 each day.
The top four in each event at the regional meets will qualify for the state championships.