CHL History Link


At the upper right of the website front page, you will see a link titled History. When you click on it, you will have a brief history of the Cincinnati Hills League. Then you will have links to every school year from 1985-1986 (the year the league was formed) to 2005-2006. These are years before the website was started. Those school year links will include standings from all the league sports and, in many cases, the all-league selections for the varsity sports. It's taken about a year to get this organized. Although, we have a lot of the information from the past years, we are missing some standings and all-league selections. When you read the introduction to the link, it will explain this further. I would like to thank two people who helped with getting this information on the website. Jennifer Dillingham from Reading High School helped with scanning the info. Dave Carroll, our webmaster, got the link up and operating. We hope you enjoy the link and we invite any comments.