Bowling On The Website


In the CHL, boys and girls bowling are not league sports because of the number of schools participating. Only four schools have teams.  Deer Park, Reading, & Wyoming have boys and girls teams.  Taylor has only boys bowling.  Over the years we have not have non-league sport's stats and win-loss records on the website.  That has change.  You are able to see bowling stats and win-loss records on the CHL site.  It will be a milestone for us since it will be the first time a non-league sport will be on the website.  That dates back to the fall of 2006.  It might also open the door to other non-league sports.  That would be girls golf & field hockey in the fall and boys & girls lacrosse in the spring.  Indian Hill is the only league school to play field hockey.  There is only about 40 schools total in Ohio that have field hockey teams.  The Braves play in a league that is made up of Cincinnati & Dayton area teams.  So they would not likely be on the CHL site.  Lacrosse, on the other hand, will most likely be on the site this spring (see related story).

A big thanks to Connie Pollington, Wyoming coach, for getting the ball rolling on this.