CHL 101, Part Two


The second part of our series on the CHL covers the website. The site started in August 2006. Our website is operated by Sports Websoft (their link is at the bottom of this page). They design the set-up of the site. If you check out other high school websites, you might notice similarities. Sports Websoft operates the GMC, FAVC, GCL, GGCL websites in the Cincinnati area. They also operate the Western Ohio Conference in the Dayton area. Sports Websoft also works with the Cincinnati Enquirer. Sports stats are automatically put on both our website & the Enquirer online site. The Sports Information Director has several jobs to do for the website. The biggest job is to write the front page stories. Another job is to enter the sports schedules. Several are automatically put on to the site by the website operations person, but some have to be manually entered. For example, boys' & girls' basketball schedules are automatically put on the site, but the SID must manually add swimming & diving and wrestling. Likewise, those sports that have their schedules entered automatically will also have their sports scores entered automatically. This is done when the coach reports their results to the Enquirer. Other jobs of the SID include updating the All Sports Trophy points, entering all-league selections, keeping the sports champions up to date, entering the college commitments, adding team scores for certain sports ( and correcting wrong scores). Also, the SID works on the league history. The next installment will have more information on the website.