CHL 101, Part One


Our first part will deal with the league's history and set-up. In the mid 1980's, there was a big shake-up in the sports leagues in the Cincinnati area. Emerging from the shake-up came new leagues, one of those being the Cincinnati Hills League. The CHL officially began in the fall of 1985. The league had nine charter members. It included seven present schools plus CAPE & Loveland. Taylor joined the league in 1989 moving that number to ten. In 1994, CAPE dissolved as a school. A year later, Loveland left to join the FAVC. Since then, it's been the same eight schools. The league was part of a confederation of leagues based out of the Hamilton County Educational Services office. At the end of 2008-2009 school year, the CHL left HCES and is now independent of any other leagues. The league is governed by the eight athletic directors and a Board of Control. The Board of Control is made up of the eight high school principals from the league schools. The league has a set of by-laws for the different sports. Any change in the by-laws has to be approved by the Board of Control, which meets 3-4 times during the school year. The athletic directors meet once a month during the school year. They take care of the day by day operations of the league. One AD is the president, a job that rotates among the eight AD's every school year. The current president is Tom Nerl of Mariemont. Other items that the athletic directors take care of include scheduling, tournament set-ups & locations, & overseeing all-league selections (made by the coaches). They make recommendations to the Board of Control on issues such as the league budget. The two people who are year round employees of the CHL are the league secretary and the sports information director. More details on these ten individuals will be posted in the coming weeks. Working on a seasonal basis (by sport) are the assigners of the officials. Our next installment will be about the CHL website.