History Of Mariemont


Mariemont's history is actually a two part story.  In 1788, the settlement of Columbia was founded in the area that is now Lunken Airport.  In 1799, part of that land was sold off in the area that is now Mariemont.  In 1802, the first brick house in the area of Mariemont was built by Eliphalet Fern.  Today, it is one of the oldest brick houses in Hamilton County.  This area remained a small village until the 1900's.  In 1923, Mary Emery broke ground on a planned community.  She spent millions of dollars to develop a "National Exemplar" town.  The town was built to resemble an English town with most structures Tudor style.  A very distinctive town square is along Wooster Avenue.  Today, there are about 3400 people in the village.

Plainfield High School & Terrace Park High School merged into Mariemont High School in the early 1950's.  When built in the early 1970's, the present Mariemont High School was built with no walls between classrooms.  That was an "educational fad" of the time.  Today, there are walls in the high school. It is the only high school in the league to have a full size natatorium.  The school district also includes Fairfax and Terrace Park.

Some interesting Mariemont facts... The village was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2007 and is one of the few communities in the United States to still have a town crier.  Mariemont Schools have received the Blue Ribbon  School of Excellence four times.  They are the first school in Ohio and 4th nationwide to do this.