History Of Madeira


In 1824, Montgomery Road was built making it easier to get in the area that is now Madeira. This city developed in 1866 along the rail line between Cincinnati and Parkersburg, West Virginia. The local stop was named after a nearby resident, John Madeira.  In 1910, it was incorporated as a village, with a population of 500.  By 1930, over 1000 people lived in the village and in 1960, Madeira became a city when the population reached 6500.  Today, around 8700 people live in Madeira.

The schools in the Madeira area go back to 1808 when the first classes were held in a log building near what is today Miami & Euclid Avenues.  In 1875, a brick building was built to start the Madeira District Number 6.  In 1937, Madeira junior/senior building was completed.  Later this was Sellman Middle School.  The building was torn down and replaced in 2006 with a new middle school.  The high school moved to a new building in 1958.  It was one of the first campus style buildings in the Cincinnati area.  Much renovation and expansion has been done to the high school over the years.

Some interesting Madeira facts...  Clarence DeMar, a former Madeira resident, competed in the Olympic Marathon three times (1912, 1924, 1928). He won a bronze medal in 1924. He has held the record for running the most Boston Marathons, competing in 34 and winning 7.  In 1863, Confederate general John Morgan passed through Madeira on his famous raid of southern Ohio.