History Of Deer Park


The first home in the vicinity of Deer Park was built in 1795.  The first brick home was built in 1806. In 1881, passenger train service began from Deer Park to Lebanon.  Five years later, the Mutual Homestead Building Company purchased a large tract of land for suburban development.  In 1912, Deer Park was incorporated as a village.  The village of Deer Park became a city in 1952.  Today, there are around 5700 people in the city.

The first school in the area was built in 1826.  Today, there are four buildings in the district with the oldest being Amity Elementary (built 1906).  The junior high and senior high share the same building.  There are about 1500 students in the district which includes the city of Deer Park and parts of Sycamore Township, mainly Dillonvale.

Interesting Deer Park facts... The Deer Park volunteer life squad was organized in 1936, the second such department organized in the United States.  Radio & TV personalty Bill Cunningham is a 1966 grad of Deer Park.  And, yes he did lead the city in scoring in basketball his senior year!